Week 29

Did you know that Kevin Butcher’s changed his name to Kevan? Is he Welsh?

6th July, 2009

Last appearance at the anti-coagulant clinic this morning. I have arranged to be tested on Sifnos and to phone the results back to Huddersfield for dosage prescription. It is the baker on Sifnos who will do the testing. He is a trained chemist who worked in Brussels for a few years before returning to his native island to take over the family bakery.

7th July, 2009

Received a lovely email from Cal and one from Ruth. Cal sent me some great photos.

building.jpg   sunflowers.jpg   toms.jpg

birds.jpg   view.jpg

Cal has also sent me a mystery photo which will be featured on the front of the web this weekend.

8th July, 2009

Lovely day today. Pauline spent most of the morning packing huge boxes to be despatched by Parcelforce to our island. 60 kg of goods spread over three boxes costs £150.00 to get there in ten working days. It is the quickest and most effective way if they won’t fit in the car and they won’t.

Cal has sent me some wonderful photos again. One is of Grandad Coghlan’s early home area in Brighton. It led me to an account by a former resident who was there in 1917 – not much after Grandad. Cal has actually been there. She has also sent me a fantastic photo taken in Ireland in 2001 when Mum, Ruth & Kev went over to visit Cal .


9th July, 2009

Great swim today. Must have lost pounds. It was too wet to go Blackcurrant picking. The forecast is fine for tomorrow so we will go then. Our next door neighbours are going to Spain for five weeks tomorrow so I will also be cutting their lawns.

Caroline sent me this photo.The couple in the photo are Peter and Janet our second cousins. Peter is Grandad’s brother, William Michael Coghlan’s  son. Grandad was very fond of Peter and started to train him up in the antiques business but Peter went off all over the world to be a professional ice skater, Janet was a professional ice skater also. Janet and Peter live in Peacehaven.


July 10th, 2009

Raining again this morning. We’ve run out of time for any more fruit picking. It will have to wait for next year. Appointment at our Doctors. We have the most fantastic doctor in the world. She is so supportive. We are away for three months. I need three months medication. It all comes free and fills two shopping bags. It includes:

Doxazosin Mesilate
Lossartan Potassium
Metformin Hydrochloride
Piogliatzone Hydrochloride

I have to have my blood cogulation index measured and phoned back to the Lab in Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.

11th July, 2009

Trip to Leeds this morning. Took us about 20 minutes. On a work day it could be nearer an hour. Pauline went to Vidal Sassoons to have her hair done before we go away. She has had it cut short in the hope it might last three months. Short or long, it still costs £70.00. To compensate she saves on mine. I haven’t been to a Barber since 1969. After leaving home, I have always had mine cut by girlfriends and, for the past 31 years, by Pauline herself. Forty years of free hair cuts every five weeks – 10 per year – 400 hair cuts at an average of £10.00 per time. I have saved about £4000.00. On the same basis, Pauline’s had about 5 hair cuts a year over the past 31 years at, say an average of £50.00 costing me £7,750.00. If Pauline had let me cut her hair – which I would have done happily – I could have saved nearly £12,000.00 which would have bought me some lovely bottles of red wine.


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