Week 28

28th June, 2009

Quiet day in the sunshine with the Sunday papers. Absolute bliss!

29th June, 2009

Lovely swim this morning. Bowl of porridge and checked email. Had one from Liz – we all did – making the same point Bob & Jane had done before that she was enjoying work and couldn’t envisage retiring. I am pleased for them all but my reply to Liz sums up my view:

“I’m afraid there is too much I want to do to go on working. I definitely did not want to die working. Mum had been trying to get me to retire almost since I was 50. She feared a repeat of Dad. I have no intention of dying young but, when I go, I would like to die picking peaches in my garden, sipping ouzo in a Peloponnese Ouzerie, meandering down the Grand Canal in Venice or sipping Espresso in Bologna or exploring the fish market in Marseille or touring the vineyards of the Dordogne or on my book signing tour of Great Britain or ……………. I may only have twenty five years left. Can I fit it all in?”

I hope my adventure will continue for years to come. I might go raspberry picking tomorrow.

June 3oth, 2009

Raspberry picking was off today because of rain. Inspite of this, the rain was very welcome. We have had no rain for about a fortnight and the Hostas are beginning to look distressed. Ruth told me she was celebrating her 37th wedding anniversary at the Rendevous Hotel in the beautiful market town of Skipton. I sent the hotel an email telling them about her wedding anniversary and asked them to pass on my best wishes. I was hoping they might give her a bunch of flowers or a bottle of champagne.

rendevous_hotel.jpg     springs-branch-canal-skipton.jpg

I was shocked to get an immediate reply from a worried Receptionist saying she had no record of the booking. I phoned Ruth on her mobile. She told me the website she had booked it through. I phoned the hotel receptionist who turned out to be a lovely girl. I gave her the details and she said she would sort them out with the website. I passed the hotel phone number on to Ruth & Kev who were travelling by bus ‘for an adventure’. I must admit I’ve had all the bus ‘adventures’ to satisfy me for a life time and the only ones I can tolerate now are airport shuttle buses.

1st July, 2009

White Rabbit! July began with a steamy 28C. A trip to Oldham to have Pauline’s Mum’s pacemaker checked, a lovely long swim at the Health Club and a spot of Wimbledon watching. All being well, tomorrow will be raspberry picking.

2nd July, 2009

True to our word, the wonderfully hot and sunny morning found us in Emley at 9.30 picking raspberries – about 8 kilos. It was an enjoyable experience which cost us £3.50 per kilo. Sainsburys charges £8.64 per kilo without the sunny field and sense of satisfaction.


Home for coffee and The Times. I did the Hoovering. (I know I should say vacuuming but I can’t get out of the habit). It even annoys me. It always used to drive me insane that Mum never went to see a doctor; it was always the ‘Doc’.. People didn’t drive a Mercedes; it was always a ‘Merc’.. And she always had a ‘spot’ of lunch. Don’t get me started on this because I could write a book on it. Even now I have only known two people describe cold weather as ‘chilly pom pom’ – Mum and a girl I once met who I ditched the moment she said it.

3rd July, 2009

Can you believe the date? I leave for Greece two weeks today. Next year, I will have been there for more than three months already.

4th June, 2009

On Monday we have to post boxes to Greece containing all the things we cannot fit in the car. We bear in mind the fact that, when we come back in October, we will only have four months until we return in March. So things that can be left until then will be. For example, I want to take a pressure washer but it will wait until next year. Essentials for this year include:

  • Kitchen gadgets ( Food Processor, mandolin, potato ricer, meat mincer & sausage maker),
  • Standard Lamp,
  • Cases of wine,
  • Gardening implements (spade, fork, etc.),
  • Computer with monitor and scanner,
  • Additional crockery,
  • Food stuffs better bought in England (Breakfast & Assam tea, Columbian coffee, etc.)
  • Additional clothes to refresh wardrobe
  • Toiletries better or cheaper in England (soap, tissues, sun cream, tooth paste, etc..)

So today, we are preparing to have a practice pack of the car.

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