Week 327

29th March, 2015

Summer time and the living is easy. Actually, it has never been easier. Perhaps it’s too easy.

Pauline is looking a bit better this morning although her body is battered and bruised. She has been given green ‘flight socks’ to wear for the next fortnight. She is wearing bed socks over the top and looks an absolute delight. She has had her first breakfast of toast and marmalade for 27 months and it has perked her up a little. However, we can’t make any plans yet because the road to recovery may be rocky and uncertain. We keep looking at Greek travel and then drawing back because we are not in a position to commit. As I worry about Pauline, I think about Skiathan Man and what he and his family are going through. I hope they are coping with the cruelty of life.

30th March, 2015

A delicious Spring day of blue skies, warm sun, bird song and flowering trees. Camelias have been in full flower for some time and are now followed by Magnolia. The world is beautiful.

magnolia2  magcams

Pauline is growing stronger and beginning to move more easily. Things seem to be healing quickly.

31st March, 2015

Another lovely day outside to say farewell to March 2015. Unfortunately,  Pauline has had a bit of a relapse this morning. She had to have her dressings changed and is feeling uncomfortable and frail. We are going to monitor it for a couple more days and then, if there is no improvement, contact the Hospital Support Team at Ashford.

I had to learn how to turn the Dishwasher on before Pauline’s operation. I actually, feel quite empowered now I can do it for myself.  I even got the vacuum cleaner out. There will be no way back from here. I did a really vigorous hour on my own at the Health Club and spent the rest of the day feeling shattered.

1st April, 2015

Happy April.


All Fools’ Day – You know who you are! It’s certainly a lovely day here in Surrey. The car’s thermometer read 19C/66F in the Health Club car park. Unfortunately, Pauline is feeling very fragile at the moment. I am learning to pull my full weight in the household. A Man’s work is certainly never done when his wife is incapacitated!

2nd April, 2015

Pauline is improving but can’t sustain it throughout the day. She stays in bed longer in the morning, gets up with energy but soon tires. It’s going to take some time to get back to full strength. Fortunately, her wounds are improving well and the bruising is already fading from black to yellow but she is still in considerable pain.

Talking of pain, although it was lovely to hear from a number of Greek friends on Sifnos this week, it is sad to hear there have been 30 deaths this winter and that many are directly linking that statistic to the bad weather. One friend told us that it rained continuously, the wind was strong and it snowed twice. Another told us of the high number of deaths and that it included her 88 year old mother-in-law and her 86 year old sister. If there is a causal link between the deaths and the winter weather, it illustrates quite starkly the parlous state to which Greece has fallen. When we first visited Sifnos in 1984, it felt like part of a Third World country and as we left it in 2014, it felt as if it was returning to that same parlous state but with mobile phones. If it accidently falls out of the E.U. in the next few weeks, its fall will be rapid and real.

Having said all of that, you can’t argue with stark beauty of the island’s position but is that enough? This is Kamares this evening.


I’m looking forward to seeing it again.

3rd April, 2015

I must admit that Easter means absolutely nothing to me – English this weekend or Greek next weekend but, to the Greeks, it appears to mean so much that their year revolves around it. Greek television now is dominated by Easter advertising with red painted eggs and festivity. News reports will be all about the price of lamb and film of the central Athens meat market with row upon row of butchered lambs hanging up as wild men wield meat cleavers precariously but with panache. Because of Pauline’s operation, we can’t be there this year but, as I say, that is no bad thing. It was the one time when we really felt like ‘outsiders’ – like Muslims at Christmas in Britain – unable to share in the mounting excitement. Nevertheless, we are sending out Easter Best Wishes to those who it means something to.


Six years ago today Pauline and I left work after 37 years of teaching. We still haven’t fully adjusted to being idle although it is getting easier. Pauline says I am obsessed with time and I am beginning to accept her view. I find it hard to believe that it was six years ago that we set off for Greece as retirees for the first time. I remember announcing to Stavros that we had finished working for good. His reaction was a sight to behold. It was a mixture of shock, horror and panic that crossed his face. At the time, we didn’t understand why but we were soon to find out. He had been ‘winging it’ on our house build, not keeping proper records or accounts and not retaining the all important ‘electricity’ certification. No wonder he panicked and bailed out. Still no true friend would have done that. Fortunately, that’s water under the bridge. The really worrying thing is that another six years will bring us to 70!

4th April, 2015

There is no question that Pauline’s recovery is developing but slowly. It is going to be a few weeks yet before she can be pronounced fully over her operation. However, next week some time, we think, she will go outside for the first time. It will probably only be sitting in the car but that will be a start. We are setting some targets by booking a few days in Yorkshire before we re-plan our travel across Europe.

I’ve done six straight one hour sessions at the Health Club this week so I’ve taken today off. By evening time, I’m beginning to regret it. I’m pacing the floor and looking for activity. I’ll be on that treadmill tomorrow come what may!

Week 326

22nd March, 2015

As a student of politics, I am currently in my element. Britain is entering General Election phase. Political discussion and debate is everywhere. This looks like being one of the most unusual of my lifetime. Almost certainly, neither of the two, main parties will command a majority. We will have another Coalition Government based around Tory-Unionist-UKIP or Labour-Greens-SNP. Personally, I think the latter is the most likely but it is touch and go. I don’t think the Coalition will be the tight affair we have had this time but a looser, ‘Confidence & Supply’ arrangement which will almost certainly see a second election within a couple of years. Actually, it could be a good election to lose.

As we’ve all retired from teaching now, my generation of students/teachers is appearing on social media sites increasingly as they reaffirm or reconnect with their pasts. I found this group which included , Kevin, Chris and ‘Tash’/John on Facebook.


This is as much an observation on myself as it is on them but we all look as if we’ve been through the mill and, if you’ve been in education for forty years, you certainly have. The upside is that forty years of teaching will mean you have a good and secure, inflation-proofed pension. Most of my contemporaries, like Pauline & I, have two such pensions coming in and soon to be supplemented by State Pensions too which explains why we are able to trot the globe in search of those experiences we didn’t have time for while working.

23rd March, 2015

Pauline’s sister, Phyllis and her husband, Colin, celebrate their 58th Wedding Anniversary today – or they would if they could remember it.

ap&c ap&c2

Actually, I had it recorded in my on-line diary and alerted Pauline who phoned and alerted them. Two years to their Diamond. Amazing! Pauline & I are in our 37th year of marriage which feels quite an achievement in itself. We will each be 87 if we reach our Diamond Anniversary.

24th March, 2015

Inflation has fallen to 0.0% in Britain – the lowest since comparative records began in the 1980s. Oil prices, clothes and furniture prices allied to aggressive food price cutting in supermarkets have brought this about but it will soon be reversed when the year on year oil price drops out of the equation. However, there is a substantive debate about the return to our inflation target of 2%. That will be for the next Coalition Government.

Meanwhile, the investment veteran, George Soros, has said that Greece’s attempts to escape its financial woes are now a lose-lose game, and has estimated the chances of the country leaving the eurozone at about even…. Greece is going down the drain. As Greeks prepare for Independence Day tomorrow, the Germans are demonstrating that they have rarely had less independence than at the moment. Greece will run out of money for salaries and pensions by the end of April unless they do as the Germans wish. That really isn’t ‘freedom’.

Went to M&S a few days ago for Pauline to collect an order. While queuing, we saw a travel case that we both liked. It was £100.00. We wanted two really and, with only one available, didn’t buy it. Today, we returned to pick up another of Pauline’s orders when we noticed the single case remained and the price had been cut by 50%. At £49.99, we bought it quite happily. Thank goodness we didn’t last week.


25th March, 2015

Independence Day. We certainly feel independent this year. It’s been a lovely, warm day for having the doors and windows open and letting the Spring sunshine in. We did a hard session at the Health Club and then came home to a lovely meal prepared by Pauline – Roast Saddle of Rabbit with braised Fennel, onion and garlic mushrooms. It was absolutely delicious.


We’ve got a series of trips coming up to Ashford Hospital on the Surrey/Middlesex border. It’s not a particularly pleasant drive and could involve the M25. We are choosing to avoid it because that section has had huge holdups on the two occasions that we’ve gone there. We now drive through Egham and Staines which is much more leafy and interesting and passes the wonderful Royal Holloway building.


26th March, 2015

A fascinating day in British politics – the end of the parliament was marked by a grubby, little attempt by the Tories to prepare the ground for getting rid of their hate-figure, Speaker John Bercow.


Led by Cameron & Hague and poorly supported by Gove, they failed because weaker but more principled people than them supported the rout of their underhand and unpleasant attempt. It was a fitting way to see them off to the General Election which I still think has every chance of a Labour Government conclusion.

27th March, 2015

Up at 5.30 am and out of the house by 6.30 am on our way to Ashford Hospital. Pauline is being admitted for major surgery and, although we both know it’s for the best and everyone reassures us that she can be confident of the result, we are both rather jittery. Rush hour traffic en route is horrible and we arrive with only about fifteen minutes to spare for our deadline of 7.30 am. I give her a kiss and have to leave her with her bag of clothes at Reception as I drive home alone.

As I do, it strikes me how uncomfortable it is to be driving alone. I so rarely do it these days. Normal mode is me driving and Pauline arguing with the sat.nav. almost before we’ve driven out of the garage. With no one to argue with that digital voice, I obey it and arrive home to an empty house. Pauline and I are aware of this weakness. We are never apart. We worked together for forty years and now we live, retired, together. Being aware of the problem doesn’t make it any easier to deal with when we are apart.

When I did the drive back to the hospital in the evening, I found her looking pale, drawn and tiny in a huge bed with lots of nurses. The operation had gone well but knocked the stuffing out of her.

28th March, 2015

Yesterday was warm and sunny with blue skies. Today is quite chilly and grey with a little rain. I have spent my day reading Greek and British papers.

In Greece, bank accounts continue to haemorrhage billions of euros each month as the coalition, Syriza, raid pension funds, State Enterprises, etc and extend payment terms to suppliers just to keep the current account from going negative. Ratings agency Fitch has downgraded Greece’s sovereign rating amid growing uncertainty over the their pledge to overhaul reforms needed to restart bailout loan payments and avoid default.

In Britain, I thought Ed Milliband got the best of the debate with Cameron but the immediate, post-match spin following placed Cameron ahead. Interestingly, the first big poll taken since the debate and to be published tomorrow morning puts Labour 4% ahead and a clear vote for the sincerity of the Labour Leader over the Tory. People are immediately shown why Cameron has been desperately trying to avoid this confrontation.

Week 325

 15th March, 2015

Quite a grey and cold day for Mothers’ Day. It doesn’t seem to be deterring birds who are singing from early to late each day and are busily foraging for nest building materials all around us.


Pauline & I no longer have Mothers but we know some so we are going out for a meal with them instead. An Italian meal in West Byfleet will be our marking of the day this year. To earn that privilege, we have done a session at the almost deserted Health Club this morning.

16th March, 2015

Got up at 7.00 am feeling tired today. Went through my morning routines still feeling tired. Even reading the paper was tiring. Drove towards the Health Club at around 1.00 pm but, as I drove, decided that I was too tired, turned round and drove home again. I must be overdoing it.

17th March, 2015

Mild but grey today. We were planning to visit a new housing development on the Sussex coast but we’ve postponed it until Thursday. Can’t go tomorrow because it’s the Budget debate and I’ll be glued to the Parliament programme.

Although we’ve had to delay our Greek trip until Pauline has had her operation, it may be no bad thing. We will know rather more clearly what the prevailing economic position will be. Interesting to see designs for the New Drachma notes being circulated in case the inevitable happens and Greece falls out of the Euro.


The 10,000 drachma note will be needed because inflation will skyrocket in the first couple of years or so. It will probably, like in post war Nazi Germany, just about pay for a loaf of bread!

Having spent an hour at the Health Club, the day has changed to a sunny and warm        14-15C/57-59F which is as good as Athens at this time in the afternoon.

18th March, 2015

Lovely, sunny and mild day. Budget day so we went to the Health Club early but it was so busy that we came back without parking. The budget has little of value to us. Our tax-free earnings are increased a little (£200 worth £40.00 per year) and we can now earn £1000.00 per year on investment earnings tax-free as well (worth £200.00 per year) so we will be £240.00 per year or £20.00 per month better off. This is not enough to buy our vote but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

We actually ate lunch today. Pauline made a lovely fresh salmon, parsley and garlic pâté which we ate with batons of celery. We ate it in the lovely Spring sunshine with a bottle of Pinot Grigio.

pate apg

19th March, 2015

A chilly day which only reached 9C/48F. I know it’s only mid-March but we have become so accustomed to warmer temperatures that this feels out of place. We did a bit of shopping and then a hard Gym session.

Our friend, the Sifnos Notary got in contact this afternoon. We gave her some clay ‘planter’ baskets before we left and she has grown some lovely flowers in them and was keen to share this with us. It is nice. We also gave her a couple of wine carafes which she has grown bulbs in. We bought the carafes from Habitat in Manchester in 1978 for our wedding party. We have moved on to more sophisticated things – like bottles – now!

el1 el2

We can’t wait to see her and her family again. As soon as Pauline has recovered from her operation, we will make our arrangements.

20th March, 2015

The media in Britain had been injected with the ‘Eclipse’ drug. Everything and everyone could think and talk of nothing else. Yawn. I couldn’t see it myself. Actually, in Surrey, no one could see it because of heavy, low cloud. I couldn’t care less. I just can’t get interested in it. I have enough trouble coping with the real world to worry about the celestial one. It went a bit darker as if it was going to rain and it will all happen again in eleven years time when I am 75 – if I’m still alive. Can’t wait!

The irony was that, as soon as the ‘exciting’ period had passed, the clouds parted, the sun came out and everything was Summer. We went to Woking and then Ashford hospitals to get and transmit some test results, do a bit of shopping and enjoy driving in the sunshine. Nearly got that Friday feeling – nearly. One of the lads who worked for me before I retired six years ago wrote on his Facebook page – Friday and Payday. It doesn’t get much better than this. – It all seems so far away now.

21st March, 2015

As part of our absolutely wonderful, NHS service, I have an annual eye review. Mine was a couple of months ago and it has picked something up which has resulted in me going to see a specialist ophthalmologist dealing with Diabetic Retinopathy. My appointment is today. We have to go back to Ashford Hospital for the appointment this morning.

Pauline was driving today because of the strong eye drops they administer on these occasions. The Ophthamologist said he found no new signs of diabetic retinopathy. In fact, the long term prognosis for my sight is good even though I only have sight in one eye anyway. The downside is that I have to have regular checks which is a little tedious. I have to go for a three monthly check at Ashford Hospital if I am in England. Otherwise, it will be in October.

Week 324

 8th March, 2015

Supposed to be warmer than the Mediterranean today. It’s certainly sunny but there is a distinct chill in the air and we’ve only reached 14C/57F. Sunday is ‘papers day’ but we also found time for an hour at the Health Club and some hard exercise. It’s Sunday so Pauline made Chickpea Soup. It was better than at Simos’. Spent the afternoon going through old photographs because Catherine has requested one. It made me rather maudlin the further that I went through the piles of dog-eared snaps of yesteryear. Still it has to be faced. Found this one of Catherine winning a fancy hat competition at the local fete and being presented with her ‘certificate’ by a television personality although I can’t remember who she was. The photo appeared in The Burton Mail & Observer.


This was about 1960 and I was shocked to find my, young face in the back right of frame.

9th March, 2015

Happy 60th birthday to Catherine. What’s happening to us?


It has been a thought provoking day. I learnt of the death of my friend, English teacher and Rugby Coach, Vic Roebuck. He was 84.


I went to Burton upon Trent Grammar School between 1962 – 1969.

botgs1 botgs2 botgs3 botgs4

Vic was my hero. The one teacher I looked up to. He gave up his time to drive over to Repton and visit Mum when Dad died. I never forgot that. He gave up his weekends to take us to play games across the country. He gave up five evenings a week to take training. He made personal sacrifices that no teacher would do now for no additional pay. I will never forget him.

10th March, 2015

I have written to the Greek Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, this morning telling him that I would be an ideal candidate for his band of ‘tourist tax spies’ because I know exactly where the bodies are buried.


I had first hand experience of it and could help in his honest-payment-of-tax drive. You would have thought that Greeks would want their government to succeed against the threat of European bankruptcy. The way they can avoid that is to pay the taxes they have been withholding so their country can buy more time for negotiation but so many, like Hardouvelis, their previous Finance Minister, have been spiriting their cash abroad, denying their own banks and countrymen of liquidity. The first signs of the effects of this policy are reported to be shortages of imported goods and services. Market professionals have told Kathimerini that there are already some problems in the cases of mechanical equipment and electronic appliances, while in the food and drinks sector there are shortages in certain premium products such as a well-known Belgian beer. This, of course, will have a knock on effect on the big earner – tourism.

11th March, 2015

Finally set my new colour laser printer up last night. It is a Brother 3150CDW and a full set of toners costs less than £50.00/€71.00.


I have a mono laser – Brother 5070N – but the new one is wireless and Pauline can print from her laptop elsewhere and we can both dump prints from our iPads and smartphones. Next job was to drive to our local recycling dump and take our old, colour laser. There must have been forty other ones in the skip where I threw it. At least it’s gone. Called in at the bank to pay in a cheque for rebate on our Service Charge. We pay £500.00 up front for all our heating and hot water costs and then they give us half that back when we don’t use it. It’s called ‘enforced saving’. Pauline has got the date for her operation. It is in a few weeks’ time in Ashford (Middlesex) Hospital. Ironically, I have to go there to see a Consultant Ophthalmologist in the next few weeks. We drove out to find the place this afternoon. It is a brand spanking new facility about 11 miles from our home.


Unfortunately, we have to drive two stops down the M25 to get there. Fortunately, today was one of brilliant blue skies and sunshine with temperatures reaching 15C/60F. It made the trip more enjoyable.

12th March, 2015

Lovely, sunny morning which has reached 15C/60F again.I’ve been sitting out in the sun today. Sainsbury’s did a delivery at 11.00 am. Supermarket shopping seems to have got out of hand in our household. We were going to Sainsbury’s anyway but Pauline was getting about 15% off a ‘free delivery’ shop so she bought expensive ‘staples’. Later, we took advantage of their petrol offer which supplied unleaded to us for £0.99 / €1.39 per litre.

Kathimerini reports today that Greece’s jobless rate increased in the fourth quarter as the economy began shrinking again and a political stand-off rekindled concern that the country could leave the euro area. Adult unemployment now stands at 26.1%. At the same time, the German Central Bank said that Greece had lost the trust of the Nations of the Union which will not help them.

13th March, 2015

Most things are on hold until Pauline gets through and recuperates from her operation. Although it isn’t inherently dangerous, all general anaesthetic operations have their dangers and we are both concerned about it. Waiting is the worst part. We would be starting our journey across Europe in a couple of weeks and we have had to delay it now. In just the same way, we were hoping to go up to Yorkshire soon but we are postponing for the moment. I heard from my friend, Brian, in Shaw who I am looking forward to seeing again but it will have to wait.

Pauline’s three nephews go to the fee paying school in Weybridge. Two are in the senior school and one is in his last year at the Junior building.


Today, we were pounding out kilometre after kilometre on the treadmill, mindlessly watching the mini television sets on the machines when BBC London news announced an explosion and subsequent fire in the roof of a Weybridge Junior School. It turned out to be the school attended by her nephew.


After our exercise, Pauline phoned her sister to establish everyone was fine but it had looked quite spectacular at the time.

14th March, 2015

Yesterday was Spring in Surrey and Winter in Yorkshire.

aspring asnow

We went to the Health Club in 14C/57F of sunshine, did a little workout and came home to roasted, North Sea salmon with pesto crust and hollandaise sauce. Delicious!

This morning is chillier and greyer just to cheer all those workers who stay in bed late on Saturdays. We never did that. Life is too precious for sleeping.

Week 323

1st March, 2015

Happy March!


and Happy St David’s Day. Our daffodils – £1.00/€1.38 per bunch – are basking in the Spring sunshine.


We have had Revithia (Ρεβύθια) or chick pea soup for our meal in honour of our Sifnos friends. Ρεβύθια is traditionally eaten on Sunday on Sifnos. Pauline does it just as well – if not better!

2nd March, 2015

Goodness, March is almost done already! It is Spring and we have Spring weather with lots of blue sky and warm sunshine. Our home was built in the grounds and on the site of a nineteenth century Anglican convent which is why we are surrounded by the original trees and shrubs which were planted all those years ago to provide peace and seclusion for the religious life of those who were trying to escape the real world. The trees around are now forty feet tall and the shrubs are aging a little. However, this is the time for camellias and we have then in all their glory.


They are such a sophisticated plant and flower.

The thermometer reads 11C/52F this lunchtime as we set off for an hour at the Health Club and we have 15-16C/59-61F forecast for the second half of the week. I’ll be getting my bikini out soon!

3rd March, 2015

Gorgeous Spring day with bright sunshine but with a little chill in the air. We are awaiting delivery of three of five on-line purchases this morning. We are dedicated Amazon users. This morning we are expecting new patio furniture and an electric griddle and a leather smart phone case from different delivery companies.

griddle2 phonecover

Later in the week, we are expecting a new, colour laser printer plus a year’s supply of toner from two more delivery firms.


This is rather tying. We want to get to the Health Club but when? Life is so hard!

It’s certainly looking hard for the new, Greek Government at the moment as they chase cash to keep going. They want to avoid a third bail-out at all costs so they can shake off the shackles of the Troika but, when you propose to do it by raiding the Pension Funds, life is certainly precarious. This is like ordering from Amazon on a credit card which you’re not certain to be able to pay off. Don’t do it! Unfortunately, as Kathimerini observes, there is less cash reaching the public coffers via taxes than that flowing out of the country in search of greener pastures in Switzerland and Hull. This is the old, Micawber law:

Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen, nineteen and six, result happiness.  Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery.

Looks like the Troika are here to stay for quite some time. Investor expectations of the euro zone breaking apart have risen to their highest level in two years, a survey indicated today, even after Greece agreed a financial lifeline with its euro zone partners.

4th March, 2015

Lovely, sunny day which has reached 11C/52F. All three parcels arrived yesterday but we didn’t make it to the Health Club so we’ve done a hard morning’s exercise today instead. Our next door neighbour asked for some help with her accounts so I’m going to create a spreadsheet for her. She doesn’t want it to hide from the taxman like some people I know but to make sure she pays all her bills on time. There’s nothing like an honest English person!

Pauline’s cooking salmon steaks on the new griddle to test it out. She will serve it with a pesto sauce and griddled vegetables. I’m looking forward to it after all that work.


5th March, 2015

The cleaners are here cleaning the ‘public’ areas of our Development. We don’t use those because we don’t live in a flat but a Duplex with our own front door. The gardeners are here spray cleaning paths, tidying shrub beds and cutting lawns. We pay for that through our Service Charge. It all feels like spring cleaning just as the weather feels like Spring. England can be beautiful at this time of year. Makes one glad to be alive and free.

We got the spring cleaning bug. After the pressure washing, Pauline cleaned the ground floor windows and doors until the whole outside looked sparkling and new. We then went down to the garage and tidied out our large store cupboard. The car boot is now full of things we hadn’t realised we didn’t need. They will be going to the Hospice Shop tomorrow.

6th March, 2015

Summer has arrived in Surrey. Surrey looks wonderful in Summer. We’ve reached 14C / 57F today and the forecast says we will hit the higher teens over the next few days.


We went shopping at Tesco and then on to Woking Hospice Shop to take a picnic hamper we were given stuffed with specialist food for Christmas. We ate the food and replaced it with a set of six Bistro-style coffee cups and saucers. We also took a lot of computer equipment we no longer needed and two suitcases we bought on impulse, used once and didn’t feel comfortable with. I’m sure someone in Woking will like them.

We did a huge and painful exercise hour. I had to talk my way through each ten minutes of it. When I had completed, I talked to Pauline about my struggle and she said she felt the same today. When we got home, she still had the energy to cook the most wonderful meal of homemade Tomato and Basil soup and Cod Provençal followed by Lemon Compôte with Raspberry Coulis. Every single element was home-cooked. How wonderful is my wife? Who wants to eat out?

7th March, 2015

Quite a chilly start to a day which has reached 15C/59F in brilliant sunshine and a slight breeze. The crocuses have fallen over and daffodils are starting to fade in many areas around us – all signs of the new year advancing. Thoughts turn to European travel. The Euro is at an 11 year low and, with Quantitative Easing (Printing Money) starting in Europe on Monday and forecast to last for eighteen months, it will fall further. Currently at £1.00 = €1.39, it is forecast to reach £1.00 = €1.50 or even weaker. It has already reached parity with the Dollar this weekend which will make Europe’s imports much more expensive. Shopping at Boden will be that much more expensive for our dear Greek friends!

Sat out in the sun at lunchtime with a delicious, chilled bottle of Pinot Grigio.


I bought it in Italy last summer. I’m surprised it has lasted this long. Look forward to our next shopping trip to the Supermercato.