Week 30

12th July, 2009

The Ashes Series has got off to a flying start. England manage a Draw.

13th July, 2009

All the big news. Had the car valeted today in preparation for Friday and THE OFF. It looks wonderful. The perlescent, black paint, the glass, the alloy wheels shone in the sun. The carpets looked pristine, the leather upholstery smelt like new. Only £45.00 for 4 hours work – a bargain.


Had to drive home fast before it rained!

14th July, 2009

We are in the final throes of preparation for departure. Unfortunately, one of the important ones for me is making sure I have the necessary medication with me. A trip to the doctor for a three month mountain of pills – all free – and this can be ticked off the list.


I should have told you that I had to lovely phone conversations with Ruth & Cal.  The more I learn about the relationships in our family, past and present, the more they appear dysfunctional to me. Haven’t heard from Mike. I texted him this morning.

10.00pm – Just got a text from Mike saying he’s on his way to Spain for a fortnight. He blames Angela for not telling him about my emails. The little sod!

15th July, 2009

Up early this morning. Out of the house by 8.00 am and off to Honda for our pre-holiday check. Every year Hepworth Honda of Huddersfield do a free, pre-holiday service before we go on our long journey. They check and top up the fluids, etc and always Bill it as ‘Long Standing Customer Bonus – £0.00. That’s why we always buy our cars from them.


Bought £1000.00 of Euros to get us through the journey. Arranged for neighbours, Margaret & Graham, to have a key and check the house until the middle of August when they go away and other neighbours, Perry & Jean, return from Spain and take over caretaker duties.

16th July, 2009

Cal sent me a photo of her next door neighbour.


17th July, 2009

House closed up for three months. Grey, wet day to set off to King George’s Dock, Hull. Goodbye cruel world!


18 July, 2009

Very rough crossing last night. Pauline was even feeling a bit sea sick. A strong gale and lashing rain lead to a mountainous sea and a rolling, crashing boat. Unfortunately, I slept right through it and even snored heavily which didn’t go down well with my fellow traveller!

After a hearty breakfast – for me, we set off in Zeebrugge at 9.30 am. The drive across Europe was brilliant and we were in Switzerland for 6.30 pm. This was a record. We were around Milano and past Bologna before it was midnight.

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