Week 328

5th April, 2015

Pleasant sunny day. Spent it reading the papers and watching football. Pauline was struggling to cope. She needs to take everything rather more slowly than she likes.

Ruth phoned, which was nice. She is 68 this May which really shakes me. She looks so young. I can’t believe it.

6th April, 2015

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me………..
When I’m 75.

Easter Day fell on March 25th in 1951 so I didn’t see it. As a consequence, this is my 63rd Easter Day. As if it makes any difference. I’ve been to the Health Club and done a hard hour in a totally deserted Gym and then come back to spend a couple of hours in the sun in our garden. The temperature is 21C/72F with cloudless, blue skies and no breeze. My Birthday treat – I’ve been looking forward to it for more than two years – is pizza. Pauline is making one Prosciutto & Mozzarella and one vegetarian.

pizza1 pizza2

We will share them both. Back to the diet regime tomorrow.

Been talking to my friend, Martin from Sifnos, this morning. Really must get to see him soon.


Lovely pizzas but I realise that I’m not missing anything. It’s all in the head. That’s where it’s going to stay in future.

7th April, 2015

The most delightful, Summer’s day today – cloudless, warm and still. I started the day unstacking the dishwasher, making tea and delivering it to Pauline in bed. Gulped my own tea down and then began hovering the entire flat. Made fresh coffee for us both while we read our newspapers and then I went out to do a really good hour at the gym.

Pauline cooked duck legs with griddled onion and mushroom for our meal.


It was good to get back into the regime after yesterday. When you’re 64+1 day, you have to look after yourself – doesn’t one? Really strange thing happened yesterday. Someone hacked into the Blog and made a derogatory reference to Ruth. Fortunately, I spotted it early and returned it to the original.

8th April, 2015

Summer continues (20C/68F) and so does Pauline’s convalescence. Today, in warm, strong sunshine she had her first real outing. I took her to a local garden centre – Squires in Horsell outside Woking.


She walked painfully slowly for a maximum of 10 minutes before I took her home. When we got back, she admitted that she had been surprised how tired she felt in that simple exertion. Of course, it is so often like that. Recuperating from illness in the security of one’s own home, one builds up a fall confidence which evaporates as soon as one tests oneself in the hurly burly of life or even the peacefulness of a sunny garden centre. And so it was with Pauline.

We are planning a trip to Sussex soon and another to Yorkshire in three weeks during which she rediscovers her strength. The wounds are still scarily deep and look as if it will be some time before can go abroad. Even so, we are beginning to make plans for just that.

9th April, 2015

A gorgeous 22C/72F today with strong sun. Pauline’s rehabilitation continues with a brief trip to the supermarket and to Marks& Spencer. She is struggling with tight fitting clothes over still painful operation wounds and we went to find her something light and loose-fitting. Fortunately, we emerged triumphantly clutching just the garment.

I went on to the Health Club for an hour of strenuous activity. I try to time my exercise to fit in with The Daily Politics on BBC2 at 12.00 pm – 1.00 pm. It is always riveting but even more so now the election is in full swing. I get so engrossed in the debates that I am surprised to find an hour has flown by. Sometimes, I find myself not stopping until the arguments are completed.

Back home Pauline is outside in the sunshine of our garden quad.,  preparing to griddle chicken breasts in lemon and garlic with griddled vegetables – fennel, onion, courgette, mushroom and asparagus.


This is currently my ideal meal.

10th April, 2015

At 10.00 pm last night, I reached for my phone to make a call only to find it wasn’t there. Panic!!! When did I last see it? Where was I? How long ago? Realisation – I last saw it at lunchtime when I was in the gym at the Health Club about 10 hours ago. My phone is a Sony Experia with a 4G contract.


I use it as much to check my bank account, the currency rate, my emails and texts as I do to make calls. It isn’t the most expensive model I could have but it’s worth about £250.00.

While I was charging round the house panicking and shouting , Don’t Panic! , Pauline was calmly phoning the Health Club which closes at 11.00 pm. In answer to her question, someone on the desk said just as calmly, Oh, Yes, Madam. We put it in the safe. Your husband can collect it tomorrow. So that’s alright then. I told them not to panic.

This morning in 22C/72F warmth and hazy sunshine, I left for my hour’s exercise and to be reunited with my mobile phone. I have it now and I’m still calm.

11th April, 2015

Just as sunny but rather cooler today. We’ve reached 14C/57F which is probably respectable for the time of year but feels comparatively less comfortable. Short sleeves have suddenly started to feel less appropriate.

Pauline will be taking the next, major step in her recuperation next week. We are going down to Sussex to look at a new property and staying in Brighton overnight. It will be interesting to see how she copes. Just using a seat belt is difficult at the moment. We are going to Angmering and Littlehampton. My birthday card at the beginning of the week featured a shot of Littlehampton.


Who knows, it may be prophetic.

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