Week 270

16th February, 2014

Spring has arrived. That’s what he meant by Valentine’s Day!

We sat outside in the Quad. at lunchtime today and it was delightful to enjoy the birds, the trees and the air in the sunshine. We must remember, however, that two people died in the storms yesterday, many places remain flooded and storms are predicted to return on Thursday so we are making the most of it.

spring1 spring2

17th February, 2014

Been a really interesting day today and what more can one ask for than that? Pauline & I were doing some research because the Woking Council has objected to the fencing around our development. We have been taking photos, measuring fence heights and pacing out distances.

pin1 pin2

After all that fresh air, we went to the Health Club. We had cholesterol tests. Mine was 4.3 but Pauline’s was 7.1. Of course mine is the result of five years of Statins. Pauline, who has been careful about her health all her life, may now have to join me.

18th February, 2014

Quite heavy rain today coming across the trees in swathes of water. Can’t be a pretty sight for the flooded. Pauline went to a Pilates class with her sister at the Health Club while I continued to research her family. Already, I’ve got it back to 1802 with her Great Great Grandfather, John Barnes. This type of research can be really frustrating but this line has allowed me top zip through it.

I don’t know if you have moved to this yet but I have persuaded Pauline to join me in the cloud. Everything we do on our computers, laptops and IPads is saved to Ms Live.com where we share about 10 Gigabytes of on-line space which is perfectly adequate for our needs. We also back that up again on portable drives but it means we will never be dependent on our computer drives again. The SkyDrive suite combines file storage with on-line mail, address book and calendar.

sd1 sd2  sd3

Early night tonight. We’re off to France on a shopping trip tomorrow.

19th February, 2014

Out of the house at 6.00 am. Arrived at the Tunnel just after 7.00 am. In France by (8.00+1) 9.00 am. Off to the wine store and then to Auchan in Coquelles. Before I could draw breath, Pauline had bought three pairs of shoes and a new bag. We went on to buy Rabbit, Duck, Pork, Fish, Mustard, Lettuces the size of dinner plates, wonderful radishes. From the charcuterie counter, we had smoked pork, cold, pressed belly pork, smoked sausage, galantine of ham.


We had a cup of coffee and Pauline had a sandwich then we drove back to the Tunnel and caught the first train. We were back in our home at exactly 2.00 pm. It was a really enjoyable morning.

For our meal this evening, we feasted on goods from the Charcuterie Counter and a really good bottle of claret.

Sent an email to Bob who has joined me on the age of 62. Happy Birthday, Bob.


20th February, 2014

A really pleasant day with Spring weather and a temperature of 13C/55F. We were tired after yesterday’s excursion so gave the gym a miss. I had to be at the Medical Centre anyway because I had the first of my ECGs. This one was done by a nurse in the surgery and my heartbeat registered at 61 bpm. This is excellent but my heart was in atrial fibrillation at the time of the test which made it more guess work than anything else.

I spent some time this morning on my research into Pauline’s ancestors. I am still working on her father’s line of the Barnes/Fish strands. I’ve got back to her Great, Great Grandfathers – John Barnes (B. 1802 in Doncaster) and Matthew Fish (B. 1794 in Norwich). It’s proving a really rewarding quest and very quickly productive.

Pauline cooked a lovely meal of confit of duck legs, shallots, mushrooms and peas. It was wonderful.


21st February, 2014

Relied on my own INR reading for the first time today. It came in at 2.2 just within my 2.0 – 3.0 acceptable range. I emailed St Peter’s Hospital with my result and they emailed me back by return with dosage advice. It was exactly what I predicted but it is a fantastic service. We went on to town to do some shopping and visit the Halifax to discuss ISAs which are about to mature. We’ll be moving from 4.0% to 1.5% but at least inflation is coming down (1.9%) to meet us.

It has been another relatively warm and very sunny day with temperatures once again reaching 13C/55F.

22nd February, 2014

Pauline went to Zumba class at the Health Centre with her sister. I stayed at home and went on with my research. I’m really enjoying it. We knew that Pauline’s paternal Grandfather, John William Barnes, was a Coal Merchant in Oldham at the start of the last century but Pauline had searched in vain for any mention of it in the records. I subscribe to the Ancestry website


and, after a few hours of searching, managed to find his listing in a 1935 telephone directory. It was very rewarding to confirm that fact.


While Pauline was out, I prepared and cooked rabbit casserole. I used some pork belly to keep the rabbit moist and included celery and thyme to accentuate the flavour. We will eat it tomorrow.

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