Week 269

9th February, 2014

While the world around us appears to beset by floods and we have news today that it has been the wettest winter for 245 years, we are tucked up and our patio is bathed in Surrey sun. The temperature reached 13C/55F in the sunshine but wind and light rain did sweep in later in the day.

Cousin David appears to have worked our Sanders Family Tree back to 1770 which is impressive. I have set myself the next month or so to research Pauline’s Family by tracing back the Barnes and Farrow lines. Having lived and worked in the vicinity of Oldham for the last forty years, it will be interesting to explore the history of the Nineteenth Century Cotton Mills through Pauline’s ancestors. The town is still dominated by the architecture of the mills which were long since abandoned by their primary function – even their secondary trade of mail-order service has largely now gone and many mills rot.

This mill, built in the immediate pre-First World War years was almost redundant after the 1929-21 cotton price crash. Think of the investment someone put into this:


Pauline Grandfather Barnes worked as a Cotton Carder but eventually began his own business as a Coal Supplier.

10th February, 2014

Someone’s posted a 40 year old picture of me on Faceache.


I’m the one in the blue jumper aged 20-21 on a tour round the Masham Brewery famous now for Black Sheep beer or Theakston’s Brewery famous for Old Peculiar. I would like to say Those were the days. but they weren’t really. Anyway, 42 years on, I haven’t changed a bit!

11th February, 2014

The Tories are really getting ‘flooding’ in the neck. Cameron is panicking and, tonight, promised ‘unlimited funds’ to solve the problem. I predict that it will come back to haunt him. Harold Macmillan, when asked what a prime minister most feared, said: ‘Events, dear boy, events’.” Well poor old Cameron has got his event.


I weighed myself today and saw a figure that I haven’t visited for about twenty five years. Pauline is still skipping around the Lounge.


12th February, 2014

A day that started off well but soon degenerated into pestilence and flood. The television news is only about flooding in the South. They seem to have forgotten that the North is flooded as well. What it must be like for anyone who has flooding affecting their home, one can only imagine but we are told that there is much worse to come. You can guarantee that the Summer will be dominated by hosepipe bans.

floods1 floods2 floods3 floods5 floods6

13th February, 2014

Drove to collect our beautifully repaired alloy wheel this morning. It has been re-edged, polished, lacquered, kiln-dried, rebalanced and fitted back on the car for the cost of £145.00. It is lovely to have it back. We’ve spent three days running on a ‘space saver tyre’ and restricting ourselves to 50 mph.


Our other commitments today were an hour in the gym and, later, two hours in a Residents’ Meeting. They are usually boring but, on this occasion, was expertly run by our Management Company, Chamonix. Just a run-of-the-mill day for us but only a few miles away poor souls are drowning in floodwater or diluted sewage as it is becoming known.

14th February, 2014

Torrential rain today and quite strong winds although nothing like those down on the coast. Reasonably mild, though, at 12C/54F.

The Skiathan tells me it is something called Valentine’s Day. I don’t know what that means but, apparently, this day holds some significance. Youngsters eh!

Had a visit to the Doctor this morning. I have to have two ECGs. The first is at the surgery and is done on the spot. The second is a 24hr ECG which involves me attending hospital early in the morning, being fitted with sensor pads wired up to a monitor and then being sent out to do a ‘normal’ 24hrs before returning the monitor which will be analysed by a private company who will report back to my GP. On the basis of those findings, they will decide how proceed. Say what you like about the NHS, my treatment is absolutely wonderful.

15th February, 2014

When you’re not working, Saturdays mean very little. And so it is with us. Pauline is making marmalade and I’m drinking fresh coffee and reading the papers. We are both rather tired because the wind was roaring through the trees last night and, although the morning started off dry and bright, heavy rain is constantly moving across in organised attacks.

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