Week 251

6th October, 2013

Glorious morning. Sitting outside in our courtyard in the sunshine with the temperature hitting 80F/27C. The gardeners mowed the lawns on Friday and they still smelled sweet and fresh. No sign of the squirrels yet but Autumn is only creeping in slowly.

outside1 outside2

7th October, 2013

Another lovely day. One has to remind oneself that it is October. The temperature reached 25C/77F – short sleeved shirt weather. The big job of the ealy morning was visiting Phyllis & Colin and discussing the upcoming holiday requirements. Then I went on-line and booked it for the. A week in Tenerife for them to walk in the sunshine.

Later, we went to the Health Club for an hour to swim. Tomorrow it will be an hour in the gym. Our meal this evening was cooked by me – Moules marinières but without the cream. After six months without shell fish in Greece, this was wonderful.


8th October, 2013

We are told that colder weather is on the way so we are really enjoying this delightfully warm early October. Today has been sunny and 25C/77F. We printed out Phyllis & Colin’s travel documents which we booked on-line for them yesterday and delivered them to their house with an itinerary. Later, we spent an hour in the Health Club. No swimming today. We went in one of the exercise rooms. Pauline used the Jogger while I used a rowing machine then we sat together and pedalled like mad on bikes. I was a little distraught to calculate that, after 45 mins exertion, I had only burned 165 caloriesand I was absolutely shattered. Pauline was worried because my pulse hit 194 while on workout.

I have spent a lovely evening watching a production of Verdi’s Nabucco from the Arena di Verona on Sky Arts channel. What a delight!


9th October, 2013

Busy morning in Woking. Pauline had a hair appointment at Headmasters while I was going in to the EE (TMobile/Orange) shop to renew our contracts and upgrade our mobiles. I have two, monthly mobile contracts and had identified new, Samsung smart phones to upgrade to. I had decided that I didn’t use my phone enough to justify almost £75.00 per month to move them both on to a 4G network but, when I arrived at the shop, a notice offered a discounted, ‘sim-only’ contract for £21.00 per month per phone. It gives unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 1Gb of internet data per month. I couldn’t resist it. This will disappoint Skiathan Man who I had promised one of the mobiles to and will now have to wait at least 12 months for. I just couldn’t turn down such a 4G offering.

10th October, 2013

Today was dominated by preparing for an evening meeting of our Apartment Development’s Management Company meeting. We had lots of paperwork and particularly accounts to wade through. The meeting is held in a Victorian school building which takes me back to the Secondary School building where I was Headteacher -huge, floor to ceiling arched windows, all the pipework exposed as it snakes round the inside of the rooms, the old gas lamp pipes still showing after having been converted to electricity, parquet flooring, etc.. Oh, those were the days!

11th October, 2013

Early morning trip  to the Surgery for a blood test prior to my Annual Diabetic Review in a couple of weeks. We then went off to find a new dentist because we are rather dissatisfied with our current one. It is nigh on impossible to find an NHS Dentist around here and, because we are only in the country for six months each year, we have decided not to take out a payment plan. We will just pay for treatment as we need it. Unfortunately, that will be £1000.00 for two, new veneers for Pauline immediately. She went in to check out a new surgery she had found on the internet but it is so difficult to tell from the waiting room appearance what sort of clinical treatment one can expect. We haven’t chosen yet.

Angus Beef Steak for Dinner tonight before suffering another England football match.


12th October, 2013

It is, unbelievably, two weeks since we got back to Surrey and three since we left our island home. We have so much to fit in before Christmas. We’re in Yorkshire/Lancashire next week to visit friends and family. We have at least one and, hopefully, two visits to France plus a trip to Bologna in Italy to do yet. I’m looking forward to all of them. Life could be worse!


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