Week 250

29th September, 2013

The penultimate day of September. It is 22C/70F and there is little sign of Autumn yet. We were awake at 5.00 am (Still in Greek time) and up for fresh orange juice and Yorkshire tea. Last night felt quite fresh. Skiathan Man would have slept under the bed never mind under the sheet. I, of course, braved it and woke up freezing at 3.00 am..

After our drive yesterday, the car was running on empty. Went to Tesco petrol to fill up and paid £1.25 /€1.47 per litre which compares with €1.88 on the island. Filling the car cost just over £60.00 which feels ridiculous.

Spent the rest of the day watching football and opening six months backlog of post. A huge box took me three hours to open and file in three piles – ‘Interesting’ / ‘Worth Saving’ / ‘To be acted on urgently.’ Everything else was thrown back in the box to be taken up to the recycling bin.

30th September, 2013

Pleasant morning reaching 20C/68F but rather overcast. We took 40 Litres of Sauvignon Blanc which we bought in France round to Phyllis & Colin to get them through the next week.

We went on to our Health Club – Nuffield Health – to reactivate our membership.

hc1 hc2 hc3

We start tomorrow!

We went to have our car cleaned after 1000 miles drive back across Europe. It was covered in encrusted bodies of flies – Death on the road! It took three men ten minutes to bring it back to gleaming condition for just £10.00.

1st October, 2013


Happy October! October? I don’t believe it. Actually, it is very grey and overcast outside so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. My body clock is still in Greek mode and will be for a few more days. It is 8.30 am here but feels so much later. I am listening to a BBC Radio 4 interview with Greek MPs about the round up of these balmy people who support Golden Dawn. They are even madder than our National Front and believe that Hitler or the old Greek Junta would put manage their country better than the democratic process. You have to be pretty thick to believe that – but then they are!

We are arranging servicing of the car in a couple of weeks, our bodies at the surgery and our teeth at the dentist over the next few weeks. Today is the first appointment for Pauline. Later, I have to sort out new mobiles for the next couple of years from Tmobile/EE and then explore switching my Broadband service which I currently take from Sky with 6 Mb/s to BT Fibre Optic which will give me 76 Mb/s.

2nd October, 2013

My first trip to the Health Club yesterday left me more unhealthy than before I went in. After a wonderful swim and a spell in the sauna, we entered the jacuzzi. Well, Pauline walked in but I decided to slip and fall in. I lost my footing in the swirling foam and ended up on my back. I thought nothing of it until we started to climb out and I found that my ankle was extremely painful and wouldn’t support my weight. Well, who would?

I struggled to shower and dress and then to get to the car but, once home with a slave to bring me drinks as I sat with my foot raised, I watched a brilliant Arsenal display against Napoli and forgot my injury.

This morning, I could barely get out of bed and, with Pauline’s help, went down to Woking walk-in (in my case hobble) hospital to have my ankle checked. I was seen within 5 minutes of arriving. Fortunately, I was told I haven’t broken it but torn the ligaments – something I was regularly doing in my youth as a rugby player. I have to sit down for a few days and have things brought to me – so no change there then. Actually, this is the ideal day for it. I sat and watched (jeered at) the Tory Party Conference from Manchester and then we sat outside in delicious warm sunshine for an hour.

Tonight, after a Dinner of roast cod loin with asparagus, I will sit and watch Man. City lose (hopefully) before struggling up to bed. Why is life so hard?

3rd October, 2013

My ankle isn’t anywhere near as bad as I feared. I think I’ll be walking properly by Monday. Thank goodness for that! Sitting down all day is really boring. Spent the day doing correspondence at my computer.

Autumn suddenly seems to have arrived according to the trees outside our front door.


It is as warm as Athens today but we were warned that heavy rain was due. It hasn’t arrived yet.

4th October, 2013

In June 1980, Pauline and I were driving to school in our first brand new car. It was exam week and we were carrying exam papers in our pageant blue mini. As we approached the school, some chap going the opposite way lost control on the bend in his works Ford Cortina and crossed the road, ploughing into our new car, virtually cutting it in half. As a result, Pauline had horrible bruising and some minor cuts but the ambulance men thought I was dead.

After a couple of weeks in hospital with a serious head injury, I started to become aware that something had happened to me. I went with Pauline to stay with her sister so that I could be looked after. After a week or two, I started to become aware of the concept of ‘time’ because Pauline had bought me a new watch to replace the one broken in the accident. I have worn it for 33 years and I have loved it. Unfortunately, it has been showing signs of wear for a number of years and, finally and reluctantly, I have had to replace it. This is the original watch will I will always treasure:


I have returned to my youth by replacing it with a digital one. I used to have a black, plastic one as a student in the 60s/70s.


5th October, 2013

Happy Birthday to my wonderful wife. Pauline is 62 today. I find it hard to believe.


Pauline has been able to spend some time indulging herself with a favourite hobby. She has been buying clothes on-line. Neither of us have clothes to fit us. Pauline has dropped two dress sizes over the past six months and I have lost 12″ from my waistline. Even my shoes feel big. At least my ties still fit.

Had a celebratory lunch of ….Salad?…with a little Coulommiers cheese and a bottle of champagne.


Duck and vegetables for Dinner. Celebration meals will never be the same.


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