Week 245

25th August, 2013

It feels strange to get August weather in…August. Warm today 29-30C/85-86F but not ‘cracking the flags’ as they say in Lancashire. Little or no breeze made it feel warmer than it was. We went down to the café for a ‘Happy Sunday’ coffee and then returned to read the papers. Around midday, we spent an hour or so cleaning the patio tiles together. In that time, twelve cars stopped outside our gate to take down details of the House Sale.

Went for a swim. The sea was a little warmer but we both remarked that on no occasion this year has the sand been too hot to stand on in bare feet. Most unusual!

Spent some time listening to the final, Ashes Test match which I assumed would be a draw. It was but only after England were denied a fourth win by bad light with 21 runs needed. Ian Bell was justifiably named Man of the Series.


You can see how fit I am getting. I went on to watch Cardiff City beat Manchester City 3-2 after a disgraceful six minutes of extra time. Pleasing result for the underdogs.

26th August, 2013

Calm and warm today. Pauline’s outside finishing window and shutter treatment. I’m inside worrying about tonight’s match: Man. Utd. v Chelsea.

Thought I’d share this with you. A little bird with a lot to say for itself and featured in The Times.


Weighed myself today and found that I have lost 6 stones or 38 kilos in weight since 1/1/13. To celebrate, we went out to Dinner. I had salad with grilled chicken and grilled vegetables.

Watched an excellent football match – Man. Utd. v Chelsea which ended 0-0 because Chelsea came to basically defend and United could quite break them down.

27th August, 2013

It would have been Pauline’s Mum’s 99th Birthday today. We were willing her on to the Century but she retired three years ago at 96. We miss her very much and we would have loved to have bought her a 99.

mumb  99

After a trip to the post this morning, we got back and were revisited by the paediatric surgeon from Leeds who came to view the house. Today, he brought his wife and children. Lovely people. Let’s hope they’ve got lots of lovely money!

Our burglar alarm in Surrey has developed a fault and, we have been told, has been out of action for a week. When the service company, we pay £250.00 per year to for rapid response, were called, they said they couldn’t come out because it was Bank Holiday. Burglars take note! This morning we have had to phone them. In addition, Frangiskus, the electrician, is coming to see us today to repair a noisy ceiling fan. It’s all happening here.

28th August, 2013

We predicted that there would be an equal and opposite reaction of the weather and it seems to be happening. Windless – almost airless – hot days tinged with a sticky, misty feel to them. The sea is like a sheet of glass, reflecting all the surrounding colour. Bring back July. That’s what I say.


Frangiskus, the electrician who lives at the bottom of our road, came back around 10.30 am today to realign the ceiling fan in our Study. It had been making a noise on anything other than slow speed for the best part of a year. We finally got round to asking for help. It took him about half an hour to fix and it works brilliantly now. What we suddenly realised as he was leaving was that his car was packed to the gunnels for his holidays. An hour or so after leaving us, he was due on a ferry to Milos for his vacation but he wasn’t prepared to let us down. While he was working, he remarked how many olives our trees were carrying this year.  I told him that he has my permission to come and collect them in November when they are ready and we are away.

29th August, 2013

Another humid day which reached 33F/92F. There is almost no movement of air. It feels sticky. My wife is wood treating the pine dining table and chairs. It is the last thing she has been allowed to work on and she has made a fantastic job of it. I have been planning our Yorkshire/Lancashire trip towards the end of October. We have just over five weeks left on the island and six until we get back to Surrey. Within a week of our return, we are off to the North of England.


It is an annual pilgrimage now to coincide with Pauline’s Mum’s funeral but to maintain old friendships.

30th August, 2013

Don’t shout about this but I’m struggling to keep my clothes on. If that is too much information, I’m sorry, but it is becoming a bit of an issue. Every time I go swimming, I struggle to keep my shorts on. I said a few days ago that I have lost 6 stones or 38 kilos in weight since 1/1/13. Well, the corollary of that is my dropping waist size. Since 1/1/13, I have lost 10″ from my waist. I refused to let Pauline buy new clothes for me in anticipation of the loss because I thought it was tempting fate. Well, now, I have to face the inevitable and I hate buying clothes.

Today is delicious – quite hot but with a light breeze. It is a relaxing day with swimming and reading involved. Could be a lot worse.

We have a desktop computer here from 2006, two laptops bought over the last three years and an iPad. I suddenly remembered, I had an old laptop from school that we used to use over in Villa Margerita and, when I dug it out, found it went back to 2013. My ‘medical’ spreadsheet for 2013 shows that I am currently two stones lighter now than ten years ago. If I follow the same regime for the next six months, I will be back to 1980 weights. It will be done.

31st August, 2013

Officially, this is the last day of Summer. Of course, for we retirees, the summer lasts for ever. I’ve just realised, in fifteen weeks, I will have maintained this Blog/Diary for five years. I’m rather pleased with that! Even if you’re not!

Wonderful day again. Makes one glad to be alive. Warm (maybe 30C/86F), still and sharply clear. It is the light that artists from earlier centuries flocked to the Mediterranean for. Shopping done by 9.30 am. Cup of fresh coffee on the balcony with the Saturday Times. Swim at 1.00 pm and then Premier league football. Today & tomorrow the timetable is:

Saturday 14.45 Man. City


17.00 Newcastle


19.30 Crystal Palace


21.30 Cardiff


Sunday 15.15 Liverpool


Man. Utd.
17.45 Arsenal



After all these games, I will have lost so much weight that no one will recognise me.

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