Week 19

26th – 28th April, 2009

Mowed the lawn, spent time tidying the garden up. Visited endless Garden Centres looking for ‘highlight plants’ to freshen up the front of the house. In a week we will seek valuation and make a decision about a way forward.

Received nice emails from Ruth and Liz. Liz has already been to Mum’s grave. Ruth is going with Jane & Catherine in a fortnight. The centre of gravity is visibly shifting. What hold will Repton have on any of us after this? It will be interesting to see.

Watched Chelsea hold Barcelona to a 0-0 draw in the Nou Camp. Not a brilliant game but a creditable result.


29th April, 2009

Had to take Pauline’s Mum to hospital today to have her small cancer operation checked on. She had three growths removed from her nose a week ago. Everything seems to be knitting back well. Beautiful day. Spent the afternoon in the garden.

30th April – 2 May, 2009

Retirement is so tiring! I don’t know how to get all my jobs done. Spent most of the week in the garden and, finally, it is looking delightfully controlled.  This time of year really brings so much colour. We haven’t really seen it in mid-summer because we’ve not been here in mid July to early September since we bought it. And now we almost certainly never will. But May is perfect.


I cannot believe Mum has been gone for a whole year. I believe it has been one of the saddest of my life. Certainly I have rediscovered how to cry. I miss her massively and I know many of the rest of the family do also. I some respects, I don’t want that hurt to go away. I want to stay at the raw edge of missing. She deserves that.

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