Week 18

Usually, the Sunday after an Easter in Greece is full of depression and recrimination. Why do I have to go back to work? I should have stayed at home and written that report or done that marking. Not this year. Up early (body clock still two hours on.) and out for the Sunday Papers – Times & Telegraph. Football in the afternoon while our neighbour cuts our lawns. Well you wouldn’t expect me to do it so soon after my holiday would you? Luxuriate with all the Sunday papers and plan the week ahead.

20th – 23rd April, 2009

Spent the week playing at being retired: getting up after 7.00 am, reading the newspaper, gardening, shopping off-peak, popping out to the Garden Centre.


Armitage’s Garden Centre

24th April, 2009

It was found that Pauline’s Mum had a number of cancerous growths on her nose. We took her into hospital to have them removed. When the growths were cut out, the wound was to be covered by skin taken from her shoulder. It was all done under local anaesthetic. As you can see from the picture, she had a patch stapled to her nose when she came out. We told her to sleep with the light on because the patch was luminous and would glow in the dark.


After taking Pauline’s Mum home, we drove down to Repton to view Mum’s headstone. It is clear and simple and right. My only concern is that there is no mention of Gordon. I know he is buried elsewhere but it is as if he didn’t exist.


It was nice to see Nana and Grandad fitted in and Nellie & Herb nearby.

nanagrandad_headstone.jpg                nellieherb_headstone.jpg

Had lunch at the tea rooms previously owned by Sue Deacon with all the other retired couples and then down the High Street – I think for the last time – to No. 81.


The Bull’s Head carpark was full of cars and both sides of the street were lined with them. It’s strange because I hadn’t announced that I was going. 81 is still dominated at the front by Mum’s tree although ivy has replaced that straggly rose around the door. The privet hedge has gone – replaced by some quite smart railings – and the semi-detached ownership is emphasised by different colour washes splitting the property in two. I don’t like to mention it but the windows are UPVC – I ask you, Catherine!

You all probably know that the Builder’s Yard is a gated community now. I hadn’t bothered to look:


I don’t think I would want to live there. It’s very cheek by jowl!


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