Week 14

22 March, 2009

Back on track after a really difficult week. Losing the internet is like losing my sight and voice at the same time. Tomorrow is ‘R’ Day. Pauline goes before the HR panel to decide if she can claim squillions of ££££££££££££s redundancy money and the we can take early retirement. We are aiming for a quarter of a million. Anything less will be disappointing. Who’d have thought that for two teachers to retire?

Got behind with everything this week being without internet connection. Spent the entire day today collecting material for the Repton Album. When it is finished it should be quite interesting.


23rd March, 2009

Pauline had her redundancy meeting today and all but concluded it successfully. Mine is still to come. Pauline is likely to be given ‘paid gardening leave’ from Easter.

Tonight spoke to Stavros in order that he makes all the arrangements in the house. Some building work is still going on – the log burning stove that we bought in Halifax is just now being fitted. A large pergola is being erected over the patio. Also, Stavros will restart out Nova satellite (Greek Sky) subscription. This gives BBC news and all the Premiership football matches – many live. It makes all the difference.

24th March, 2009

Teaching is getting harder now I know I’m going. You begin to see the futility of it. I’m spending my time preparing for my future life:

  1. ensuring we have someone to look after the house for an extended period if we don’t sell it.
  2. sorting out medical insurance abroad. Extending our Bupa will cost us £5000.00 per year.
  3. sorting out extended car insurance.
  4. organising medication (which I get free) for 16 – 18 weeks.

This all seems so much more important than timetables and lesson bells.

25th March, 2009

The redundancy negotiations are turning nasty which means they are in the end game – I hope. Tell you more when I’ve got it.

27th March, 2009

Very, very hard week as you can see from the lack of material in the Blog. I might have got my internet connection sorted out but I was too exhausted to use it. Web update this weekend.

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