Week 13

Put the Mum Album up on the web today. Couldn’t use all the photos I had. She looks remarkably stressed in so many shots and there are hardly any of her and Dad. I couldn’t date this one so didn’t include it.


21st March, 2009

Calamity dear reader. During Monday, my modem/router of 8 years died. It was free from BT in 2001 when I graduated from ISDN to ADSL. It had had a good life, gone all round the world millions of times – metaphorically – and all without a hitch. My new one, a Belkin N+ Wireless Modem Router, cost £70.00 and took days to arrive. Even then it fought with me for a couple of hours before it set itself up. The old one had just three green lights. The new one has five flourescent blue lights. You get so much more for your money nowadays.

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