Week 429

Sunday, 12th March, 2017

Spring – the Tarragon gets it but the Basil doesn’t.

Quite a grey but mild morning with intermittent, light rain. It is just enough to water in my lawn treatment so I’m happy about that. Unfortunately, I am not happy about everything and the subject that dominates the airwaves today and, probably, for many days to come is BREXIT. The madmen (and women) of the Tory party are determined to push us all over the cliff whatever the landing. I am in full agreement with the words of Richard Dawkins (author of The God Delusion and other rational thinking):

[The Tories] handed over this massively important decision to a simple majority of ill-informed voters. …….The fleeting opinion, on just one day, of a slender majority of an ignorant and misled public is now touted as the sacred and unchangeable word of “the British people”……Not just for the next five years, as in an ordinary election, but long after we are no longer around to reap the consequences.

At least Dawkins is prepared to say what so many others fear will make them unpopular. Happy, pagan Sunday!

Monday, 13th March, 2017

It’s all happening at Littlehampton Beach!

What a wonderful day of blue sky and sunlight from end to end. It was relatively warm (14C/57F) outside and very warm in our sheltered garden. I actually enjoyed cutting the lawns and then we sat out with our coffee and made plans for developing the garden. We were supposed to be going to the Health Club but were enjoying the garden so much that we cancelled and relaxed. You can do that when you’re retired.

I had to be at the Physiotherapy Department at Littlehampton Health Centre to have help with a muscular problem in my right arm that has persisted for more than twelve months. It first appeared after a vigorous work out in the pool in Tenerife in February 2016 and just hasn’t cleared up. We were early so we drove a couple of minutes further to the beach which was quite delightfully lit by the strong sun. We made a pledge to return as soon as another sunny day pops up and we have free time.

Back at the Physio’s, I was pummelled and prodded, stretched and put through my paces. I was given fresh exercises to do at home and a return appointment in three weeks time. If I can get a resolution to my problem, I will happily comply.

Tuesday, 14th March, 2017

Angmering Village Today
Angmering Village Today

A lovely day and one for Springtime jobs. The morning was spent outside weeding the flower beds, power washing the patio flags, cleaning flower pots and garden furniture, etc.. These are enjoyable and optimistic times. The weather is warm – 15C/59F – today and forecast to be warmer tomorrow. The days are getting longer. Tomorrow is a day to ‘beware’ of and the weekend after next the clocks go forward. We open our minds to greet the coming Summer – our 66th.

Over the past few days, Lawns, Flowerbeds and Patio have been spring cleaned. Life seems to be in order. These are wonderful times and, in spite of Brexit, the destruction of Great Britain and the ravages of rampant inflation to come, we will look out to borders further on. Planning our travels for the Summer is almost as good as going on the travels themselves. Finding and booking hotels is just so much fun. We hope to have our synchronised, on-line diaries full for the rest of the year in the next week or so. Keep you posted.

Wednesday, 15th March, 2017

The Summer is Coming!

I told you yesterday, that today would be one to ‘beware of’ and, of course, most of even the least literate of us will be chanting, Beware the Ides of March! The 15th of March is marked in the Roman calendar and, of course, if your name is Julius or even Caesar, you should stay in bed – in a locked room. Last night was clear and beautifully lit by a full moon – not good murdering conditions. Today is brilliantly sunny with a cloudless, blue sky. Thoughts of murder and mortality are far away.

All the news on climate change is good. Trump has appointed a sceptic and may well renege on some of the barmier agreements that Obama signed. It is reported today that we have just had the second warmest winter on record for the Northern Hemisphere which will certainly save on heating bills and a U.S.-based team of scientists reported in the journal, Nature Climate Change that natural variations in the Arctic climate could well be responsible for about 50 % of the overall decline in September sea ice since 1979. Can you believe that weather variations can be part of changing natural patterns?

Today was so warm and sunny that we ditched the gym for the natural variation of the beach. We drove the 5 min trip to Goring beach and walked in the wonderful, Spring sunshine.

It takes about half an hour to walk from Goring Beach by the fisherman’s hut to Worthing Pier. The round trip of an hour may well become our regular, pre-gym exercise. The difficulty is the dog walkers who block the pathways. Fortunately, they are banned from May 1st for the rest of the season. Then we only have to compete with the Summer Holiday children on scooters and skateboards although they are pretty easy to shoulder to the floor. We may well be away for most of the school holidays anyway.

The theme of the moment concerns air quality. Here population density is still quite low and air quality high. At night time, the sky is not polluted by city lights and moon and stars are clear. We feel extremely lucky – in spite of BREXIT.

Thursday, 16th March, 2017

There is often a snag.

A definitely cooler day which struggled to reveal the sun. The morning started a little misty. We had a visit from a ‘snagger’ who was replacing a kitchen draw front because of a bubble in the paint finish. It might sound a small item but this draw cabinet cost £700.00/€805.00 and who would pay that for an item with a flaw? Our Builders are great and gave us a comprehensive, 5 year warranty on everything. We intend to take full advantage of every day of that warranty.

A lovely chap brought the new drawer front and spent an hour drilling and fitting it. We are very happy with the service and are now assured that this ‘blemish’ will not deteriorate in a few years time.

A girl who I taught English in my second year of teaching and her brother a year later both turned out to be my future wife’s cousins. They were delightful kids who worked hard and did well. The girl wrote to me yesterday and told me that she had just had her 57th birthday. It was an eye watering thought. How old am I? She included her middle initial in her email. On enquiring what it stood for she told me and foolishly asked my middle name. Foolishly because I gave her chapter and verse.

The Richard Chair

My middle name is Richard. It is a Sanders tradition that the eldest, male child is called Richard. Back in the early 1700s, it was the first name. Later in the 1900s, Richard became a middle name. We have a chair, an apprentice piece, made by my Great Grandfather which came to me because I am John Richard. It is known as The Richard Chair. It will go to my brother’s male heir when I die. I had it restored about twenty years ago so it looks as good as new even though it is over 100 years old.

Last week I bought a ‘Fitbit‘ watch/Fitness Monitor for about £100.00/€115.00. Within about two days, I realised it wouldn’t be right for me. Today, I bought a replacement – a Pebble watch which connects to my smart phone and notifies me of phone calls, texts and emails, calendar events, footsteps walked, heartrate measured and distance covered. All that is possible for £40.00/€46.00. It’s charging up now and I hope to feature it tomorrow.

Friday, 17th March, 2017

Pleasant day but not warm. Today is 12C/54F but with a sharp edge on the sea breeze. This is what we can expect for the next week.

BREXIT is going so well. Little Englanders are feeling sooo happy but is the Plan for Britain Working? Not it’s not! We could end up with Europe and UK splitting in their constituent parts. What does it matter? We’re all going to hell in a handcart and it seems the English electorate don’t care. A poll in The Telegraph tomorrow indicates that people would prefer Brexit above the Union with Scotland, et al..

Set sail for the Summer!

I’m constantly receiving emails from the Calais Wine Store. At one time, we were buying from them at at least a 50% discount. Now, it is almost not worth it and soon, as they have admitted, they will have to close down. Britain will soon become the costly man of Europe for lots of products that the Brexit maniacs thought were British.

On the bright side, today is the Equilux when day and night are equal. I must admit that I had always believed that to be the Equinox around March 21st but I have been introduced to this concept. The Equilux occurs a few days before the Spring Equinox and a few days after the Autumn Equinox. This date varies depending on where on Earth you are, and indeed Equiluxes do not occur at all close to the equator.

Saturday, 18th March, 2017

A lazy day of Sport and Newspapers. The biggest problem of the day was unstacking the dishwasher (my job) only to find that Pauline had completely rearranged every kitchen cupboard since the last time I’d used them. A simple job took me three times as long. However, I wouldn’t want my readers to dwell on my misfortune for too long. I did recover over the day – until England lost.

By evening, I had been sitting around so much, I was bounding around with energy. We decided to go down to the harbour for a walk and some fresh air. The temperature at 8.00 pm was 11C/52F although the sea breeze chilled that. We were surprised to find lots of people walking their dogs and their children. It was enjoyable, however, and we’ve resolved to do it regularly.

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