Week 373

14th February, 2016

A cold, bright day. We have given the Health Club a miss and relaxed with the newspapers and the rugby. We have a busy week ahead. Tomorrow, we are driving down to the new house to meet the flooring suppliers and the Hilary’s Blinds fitters. We are beginning to champ at the bit.

15th February, 2016

Up at 7.00 am and out at 8.00 am. We drove in strong sun under blue skies on to a refreshingly quiet M25. The car’s gauge showed an outside temperature of 4C/39F. We were at our new village in under an hour. The flooring contractors were laying the carpets when we arrived at the house. We have wooden board flooring down the hallway, in to the Study and into the Cloakroom and Storeroom. This leads on to tiles on the Kitchen/Family Room and in to the Utility Room. Just as the Floorers were about to collect material for the wood floor, the suppliers informed them that it had been ‘discontinued’. We had gone early to make a replacement choice. An example of our house style is illustrated here from a development about 15 miles away. They have used wood throughout the ground floors. Our interior design will be much more minimalist with tiling like this:

A lot of tiles to keep clean!

The front garden had been lawned and planted up with its path laid. It was too cold for me to take a photo today. The back garden has patio paving laid and the fence erected but the turf has not gone down yet. They have three weeks to complete and then we move in.

16th February, 2016

Up at 6.00 am and out by 7.00 am. Clear, sharp sky presaging a wonderfully sunny day. Very cold first thing at -4C/25F with slushy ice on the car which is currently parked outside. In less than an hour down the M25 – M26 – M20 we arrived at the Euro Tunnel.

Before we knew it, we were driving off in France. From inside the car, it looked like mid-Summer. Outside the temperature was all Winter. For the first time in quite a few years we saw not a single, illegal migrant. We saw lots of these:

fence_mig2 fence_mig1

but little sign of the hordes that have figured in our last few trips. We are told that they are looking to move on to Dunkirk and Zeebrugge and evidence today suggests that could be so.

Auchan Coquelles bathed in sunshine.

We went straight to the Calais Wine SuperStore. where we spent about £500.00/€650.00 on wine and saved about the same on UK prices largely because of the lower tax regime. We went on to Auchan in Coquelles, bought some food and a bit more wine and moved on to Cite Europe for a mooch before returning to the Tunnel and our trip home. Lovely drive back to Surrey and then Fruits de Mer and salad for our meal. It is so delightful and fresh tasting. I love it!

We have a mad dash up the M1 on Friday to check out some furniture in Greater Manchester. Next week, we are considering booking into a hotel in West Sussex to tie up some loose ends prior to moving in to our new house, something which looks like happening in the week beginning March 6th.

17th February, 2016

A cold day which felt colder because of the overcast sky. We were out early so Pauline could go to the dentist for a filling. On to Tesco for essential supplies and then have the car cleaned – £10.00/€13.00.

We decided that we had enough to do without going to the Health Club so went straight back home. En route, Pauline booked a haircut for tomorrow. Posted a birthday card to Bob as he is 64 on  Friday. This afternoon, I’ve got to check progress with the BT installation of our phone line and broadband installation. I’ve got to check with Sky about television provision and with our solicitor about ‘completion’ arrangements.

18th February, 2016

Pauline’s Hairdresser

A warmer day with sun. We were out at mid day for Pauline’s haircut at Macco . It only took an hour. I sat and read my digital newspaper while I waited for her. It was a good cut for a fraction of the price she normally pays at Sassoons.

We then went straight on to the Health Club. We’ve only got about ten more possible visits now and I will be sorry to leave it although I’m looking forward to the David Lloyd Leisure Centre. My INR is back under control thanks to the help of the Anticoagulation Team at St Peters Hospital. They are absolutely brilliant. I only have one more call-in before we leave. I only hope the Worthing Hospital is half as good.

19th February, 2016

Happy 64th birthday to my little brother, Bob. Here are two photos taken 50 years apart. The first is of Bob & his wife, Jane, as he is currently. The second is of Bob modelling his new Levis in 1966/67. He’s barely aged…..really!

bob2b bob2a

These two months when we are they same age always cheer me up.

At 7.00 am, we set off in burgeoning sunrise for The North! We drove up to Yorkshire on a near deserted M25 and M1. Actually, we drove straight on to Failsworth in Greater Manchester and to Housing Units Furniture outlet. We were going to view a dining table and chairs which we had admired on-line. This is a photo from the showroom taken on my mobile.

Reclaimed Wood Table with Leather Upholstered Cantilever Chairs

As soon as we saw it in the showroom, we knew it was right for us. We managed to reduce the price of the 6 foot table and six chairs by £800.00 with interest-free credit and free delivery to Sussex which made us feel good. In total, it cost us £2000.00 and should last us a lifetime – or at least 40 years. It will arrive in West Sussex in the next couple of weeks. We drove to our hotel feeling smugly pleased with ourselves.

20th February, 2016

HOOVER DMCD1013B Condenser Tumble Dryer – £300.00

This is a weekend for us to relax and prepare for our new house. We’ve decided not to visit anyone this time. We will just shop and relax. Today, in wetting fine rain and after a huge, full English Breakfast, we ventured out in search of … a new tumble dryer. These are the life and death objectives I have to meet. Pauline has very exacting requirements. I searched Curry’s and met her demands in full. The Hoover, condenser tumble dryer looks as if it will fit the bill – as long as it fits in the kitchen.

We will be driving down to Sussex on Monday and we’ll arrange for the delivery of our purchases. BT have confirmed a date in just over a week for the connection of our phone line and setup of our broadband. Settees and arm chair suppliers along with bed suppliers are all champing at the bit to off load their wares and we are just as keen for them to deliver. The blind man has fixed a date for installation and the fitted bedroom furniture will be measured up for in the next week. We think they will come from Chichester. I’ve still got to invite Home Office installers to supply ideas and estimates. I’ve also got to choose television sets and a company to mount them on the walls and set them up for me. It is all largely in hand now.

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