Week 368

10th January, 2016

Woke fairly early and made a cup of tea. Went down to Breakfast. As we walked down the stairs instead of taking one of the lifts, the windows were all open on the sea side. The sun was streaming in but the most noticeable thing was the roar of the waves crashing against the black, volcanic rock beneath and beyond the hotel pools and gardens

Hotel Los Gigantes

When we were here six weeks ago, we thought the crashing waves indicated the turning of the tide but it went on today all day. It must have something to do with the seasons or the lunar cycle or something we ought to understand but don’t.

We were tired after travelling yesterday so decided to relax and enjoy the Sunday papers. We sat in the sun for a couple of hours on our balcony which runs round two sides of our room. I watched The Sunday Politics on BBC1 in the middle of the morning and, later saw Leicester being unlucky to be held to a draw by Spurs in the FA Cup. This evening, after Dinner, will feature War & Peace.

11th January, 2016

Pauline’s latest Breakfast favourite – Papaya

It always surprises me how easy it is to switch from huddled inside against the elements to lounging outside in the warmth. All it takes is sunshine. It has been wall to wall today and extremely warm. After Breakfast – Porridge and fresh Papaya fruit for Pauline (lots of Ps there) and a bowl of vanilla yoghurt for me – we drank coffee in the sunshine on our balcony.

After the Daily Politics on BBC1, we went and did a good workout in the gym followed by a hard swim in the saltwater pool. The water temperature almost matched the air temperature and the experience was quite delightful. All around us were the sounds of an enthusiastic Boules match going on in the sand pit, roars of excitement from a match in the Squash courts, clinking of Weights being lifted in the gym, the instructor’s commands being barked out in the Pilates group and the splashing of swimmers in the pool. This may be a time for older travellers but many of them are trying hard to keep the aging process at bay. What better climate could they have to do it in?

We were preparing to go down to Dinner when the most unruly row broke out somewhere outside. We rushed to the balcony and strained to find the source of the noise. It sounded like dozens of birds fighting furiously to the death.


Eventually, we settled on a wire across the square on which were perched two parakeets and, far from fighting, they were courting – with enough squawking to attract the neighbourhood.

12th January, 2016

Sitting on a sun-drenched balcony.

A day of wall to wall sunshine and 24C/75F without a hint of a breeze. We are in danger of turning into the ‘orange people’ of perma-tan land. We sat on our balcony for hours this morning, making plans for the next stage of our life in Sussex, fine tuning requirements for the house, our proposed modus vivendi and such things. We have to sort out doctors and dentists with some urgency.

More importantly, we have to book a Sky installation. I’ve already booked a BT phone line and broadband.  I’ll also take BT Sport as well. I’m going to negotiate a ‘smart’ price for a job lot of seven ‘smart’ televisions and have them installed – one in the lounge, one in the Kitchen/Family room, one in the Study and then one in each bedroom. There is a distribution box in the loft to enable all of that. We still have to source a dining table and chairs, easy chairs for the Family room and side tables for the Lounge. I still have to get the garage door automated. These are the sort of things that we knocked around, sitting idly in the sun. Of course we did an hour or so in the gym and the pool as well.

13th January, 2016

The Tesco of Los Gigantes

A sunny and even hotter day which reached 26C/79F. We rather binged out on hot lethargy although we did a vigorous and non-stop swim for 40 mins..  I have yoghurt and figs for Breakfast. Pauline has porridge and prunes plus fresh papaya. We try to eat only fruit during the day – a banana and a pear. Today we went to the local supermercado and bought juicy, red grapes.

We usually eat our one main meal of the day at 3.00 pm and then just survive on drinks – coffee and tea until the next day’s meal. Dinner in our hotel begins at 6.00 pm and closes at 10.00 pm in the ‘winter’. We have only been here four days and are both still struggling to adjust to the changed Dinner time.  By the time it comes, we are starving, eat to much to compensate and then spend the whole night feeling full. We are trying to develop a new approach for our stay here.

14th January, 2016

The day is forecast to be sultry and very hot. It should reach 30C/86F. I self tested my INR and have just emailed Woking Hospital with a perfect score of 2.5. I woke up with a queasy stomach so Pauline has had the pleasure of me looking away while she eats porridge and prunes followed by papaya. Going to take the day easily and watch Day 1 of the Third Test in South Africa.

15th January, 2016

I spent the entire day yesterday sleeping. When I’m ill, I just shut down and wait for it to pass. I’ve woken up this morning aching in every joint, with a slight temperature and wanting to sleep. I accompany Pauline to Breakfast but just read my newspaper while she eats. I suspect I won’t be going far today. At least I can watch the Test Match. A second day without food won’t harm me at all.

The Test Match was going well. After sleeping most of the morning, I was feeling better. I went mad and had a banana! Joe Root pulled England up in the test.

Rooting for Root

The banana reacted well in my system. I accompanied Pauline to Dinner and ate steak and salad. It’s all going very well. Just noticed that Ruth and I traded in our Barclays shares at around £2.61 per share. Since then, the oil price has plummeted with a subsequent sharp drop in destabilised share prices. Currently, Barclays shares are standing at £1.90.

16th January, 2016

This has been a glorious day of sunshine and hot temperatures – 28C/82F. I am feeling a lot better if not perfect. I went out and bought a pair of shoes to celebrate.

Spanish Shoes

They are soft, Spanish leather and cost me €69.00. I shall enjoy padding about in them.

It is a day on which I have enjoyed watching Stuart Broad destroy South Africa in South Africa by taking six wickets. He was unstoppable.


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