Week 306

 2nd November, 2014

I’m writing this at 7.30 pm after having a short walk outside. The temperature is extremely mild although the night is very dark. We walked in short sleeved shirts as Firework Displays lit up the night sky. Once again, Sifnos and Athens are cooler than us. We are looking for the reverse in a week or two when we return to Greece.

We have decided that we are going to spend some time in Venice this Spring. It’s quite a long time since we were there and I’ve longed to return. I’m already researching hotels to stay in. They have to be close to San Marco where we stayed last time. It will be expensive!

venice1 venice2

Back on Planet Earth, it looks more and more as if UKIP will be power brokers in the next UK Government instead of the Lib.Dems.. This is going to make Brexit increasingly likely. Indeed, it is rumoured on Tory Blogs that Cameron is prepared to sell his soul and advocate Britain’s exit from the E.U. if it keeps him in power. In the end, of course, he’s only a here today gone tomorrow politician so why should he care?

3rd November, 2014

I’m afraid my wife is falling apart from the inside. Took her to the doctor this morning. The doctor is a woman of the same age as Pauline and she delivered the withering diagnosis that women of a similar age as them find their bones and joints, organs and skin degenerating with the accompanying symptoms. Makes a nonsense of extending the retirement age. Pauline has been suffering with what she thinks is a trapped nerve in her neck/shoulder for a month. The doctor thinks it might be early on-set Arthur (aka arthr-itis). She also thinks she might be developing nascent gallstones. She’s being sent to a ‘specialist’ for investigations. I’m going to need a new model soon.

4th November, 2014

Glorious, glorious day with clear blue skies and bright sunshine. Not warm at 11C/52F but Autumnal and ‘Glad-to-be-Alive’ weather. Contact with Elerania and Georgia on Sifnos this morning. All is very well. Pauline has cut my hair and soon we will be off to the Health Club but not until I’ve watched the politics programme on BBC2. It is prescribed viewing!

Made Moules Mariniere for our meal today.


Haven’t had that for months and it was wonderful. Rabbit is marinating for tomorrow when it will be slow cooked. Looking forward to that.

5th November, 2014

A bright and sunny but seriously cool day. Just right, I suppose, for Bonfire Night. Spent the day planning a trip out to the south coast tomorrow to look at three or four houses (something we were doing exactly four years ago today) and I’ve been finalising the set up of new, on-line savings accounts and ISA accounts. Because of European Money Laundering Regulations, setting up an account to store one’s own money is absolutely tortuous.

There is a by-election in Kent which is almost certain to be won by UKIP for their second MP in a month. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious. The net effect will be to tempt other Tory MPs to defect and for Cameron to firm up an intention, that was never really there until now, to take the UK out of the EU. There can be little more short sighted than this but it is the ultimate aim of unprincipled politicians – to stay in power.

6th November, 2014

Clear blue skies, strong sun but freezing this morning. At 6.50 am, I went to the Woking Walk-in Hospital for a blood test – the first since August – and the temperature was 0C/32F. There was a hint of frost on the ground. We are setting out for Sussex after rush hour traffic dies down at about 9.30 am.

Had a lovely letter/email  from Elerania last night with news of Sifnos. We fly back to Greece next week. Looking forward to it.

7th November, 2014

Yesterday, we found a house we both really liked at a price we liked in Felpham, and another at Angmering/Littlehampton both in West Sussex less than five miles from where my sister, Catherine, has lived for the last 35 years. We drove home quite hopefully. We’ve done a little research to find that there is a Health Club – a Virgin Active – within reach and a Sainsburys. It is only a fifteen minute drive to the beach and has good, superfast broadband.

Watched a documentary about two, West African men trying to dupe an undercover reporter into giving them £25,000.00/32,000.00€ on the understanding that they have original negatives from a Swiss bank allowing them to duplicate the notes and double the investor’s money. Of course the whole thing was a scam and they were revealed on camera as was their blindingly audacious naivety. Fast forward three or four hours and up pops the Chancellor of the Exchequer crowing about how he’s forced the EU to back down and halve the £1.7 billion bill they had been landed with. Unfortunately, just as the money copiers over reached themselves, so did the Chancellor. Just like with the money copiers, the smoke and mirrors scam began to unravel before the bank notes were dry. Soon we learned that a rebate which had already been expected was being written off against the extra bill. It leaves the Coaltion government in general and Osborne in particular looking like West African con men.

8th November, 2014

Yesterday we filled the car and couldn’t believe how cheap it was. Our petrol at Sainsburys (with a 7p off discount) cost us £1.14 / 1.45€ per litre. This is the lowest it has been for five years. The Daily Telegraph this morning is suggesting British fuel prices could well fall to £1.00 / 1.27€ per litre. Every little helps. Today has been intermittently sunny and then wet. It’s not warm either at 13/56F. We are due for a windy and wet week in Britain which is fine because we will be in Greece.

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