Week 286

15th June, 2014

Half way through June already and we only have fifteen weeks left on the island this year. The escalator is speeding up. Must run faster to stand still!

After an aborted attempt to watch England lose – I fell asleep at Half Time – the morning has opened hot and just got hotter. By 10.00 am, it is 27C/81F and windless. Mother cat has eaten and slunk off it the shade of a bush to sleep. We have to clean the patios and read the Sunday papers. Definitely another swim is called for and then a cold lunch of protein.

16th June, 2014

Don’t get too excited but we cleaned the patio today! It was a day which didn’t start well because my internet and mobile provider, Cosmote, was off line for the first three hours. It was probably transmitter maintenance on the island but it meant I couldn’t listen to the Today programme on the BBC. I got over it by watching BBC TV News but it’s not the same.

A warmish day – about 26C/79F – which encouraged us to go for another swim and the water was warm and crystal clear. A pleasant day that ended with a disappointing Portuguese performance against Germany.

17th June, 2014

Cosmote, was off line again this morning until 10.00 am. I don’t think Greeks have really got the hang of the importance of the Today programme. I’ll be glad when they finish the transmitter work. The British news features Schumacher’s tentative ‘recovery’ or at least coming out of his coma. It chimes with such resonance for Pauline and I because it was this day, exactly 34 years ago, that we  had a terrible car accident. We had been married for a year and a half and had just taken delivery of our first, brand new car together. It was a pageant-blue, V-reg Leyland Mini.


It was the school exams and I had huge packs of marked scripts in the boot. A man driving to work in a Ford Cortina went out of control on a sharp bend half a mile from our school and careered across the road into our car cutting it almost in two. Pauline & I both ended up in hospital and I had a severe trauma to the head which left me unconscious for about a week and semi-conscious for much longer. It took us a full year to really get over it and about five years before we got financial compensation. At least we did and have had 34 years of wonderfully fulfilling life since. It’s looking like Schumacher’s recovery is much less certain.

18th June, 2014

Cosmote made it a third day running for loss of service and again later in the day as well. We went out to Faros today. The view could not have been in more stark contrast to Heronnisos. The latter looked chic and cared for, upmarket and as if money had been spent on it. Faros looked shabby, deteriorating and distinctly down at heel as if there was no money to spend on it. There were virtually no tourists there apart from a couple of French families and, as all good Brits know, the French don’t count!


The day has turned into a hot, 30C/86F and rather muggy. We found walking rather hot and uncomfortable work and soon came home. We went down to the beach for a swim and the water was delicious. Within an hour of getting back home, there were rain spots on the windows although you wouldn’t call it a shower. Mother Cat thought it was enough to take shelter in our porch where she lay flat out and dead to the world. I settled down to watch Australia v Netherlands.

19th June, 2014

Good Morning to my ancient sister, Ruth. Hope everything is good and that Kevan is still coping with you. It is a hot and steamy morning that woke us half an hour early at 6.30 am with a thunder storm and just a smattering of rain but not enough to make a difference. the temperature has reached 31C/89 F by 12.00 pm and we have gone down to the sea to cool off.

We spent a couple of hours cleaning and clearing the edge of the road along the wall of our property to make it look more appealing or, in the jargon, give it curb appeal. We also had to clear out the storm drain in preparation for winter rains. I suppose they will come.


It was sweaty work but enjoyable and going straight down for a swim in the cool water afterwards was just the antidote. The pounds are still falling away and I am almost back to the point that I found myself in 1985 when I was overwhelmed by it and gave up fighting back. Griddled chicken breast with griddled peppers and onions was a wonderful meal today.


It is my only meal today but my stomach can’t take more.

20th June, 2014

Never take life for granted and enjoy every breath! Still in mourning for the shameful display last night until I read this morning of the death of the younger brother of Kolo & Yaya Toure from cancer yesterday at the age of 28. What a ridiculously young age to lose one’s life!

Quite a humid 27C/81F. We went for an early swim just as the tide was turning. It was producing majestic, crashing, blue waves and foamy surf which made swimming even more enjoyable. After returning home, showering and changing, we drove down to Vathy Bay for the second time in ten days to have lunch. Caper Salad, Chickpea Balls, Cucumber, Garlic & Yoghurt Dip as starters followed by roast chicken. Vathy was very busy with tourists. The tavernas were full of French diners. It really looked the chic, in-place.

Later, we were stopped in our road by our friend, the taxi-driver – περιμένετε λίγο – who loaded us up with vegetables from his garden.


We got more courgettes than we could sell at market. So kind.

21st June, 2014

Had to go down to the Port this morning to see off and wish the Boys’ Football Team and their coach, Giannis, well. They are were on their way to play a tournament on Milos. I offered myself as centre forward but Giannis declined and pointed to the recent performance of the England team in Brasil. I had to accept his decision. While we were at the Port, we met the Notary and she gave us documents to take to the Accountant’s office. Our link there came in specially to deal with our paperwork which was good of her.

En route, we called at Café Prago for coffee and gossip. They love to hear our gossip and what we think of the islanders in our lives. They can barely believe some of the things we have to tell them. Later, in the supermarket, we chat to friends who have recently retired from our Bank and we’ve known for years. They make it feel a bit like the end of an era!

Lovely swim today. The water was warm and inviting. I cooked orange glazed pork and beans for our meal. I have to say it was a great success. I must send best wishes to Ruth and Jane on their Spanish holidays. Have a lovely time. I must also say ‘hello’ to Simon Baddely who maintains the Blog, Democracy Street where he lives part time on Corfu. I have followed his Blog for years and.  I wrote to him last July and he replied today. That’s snail-mail!

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