Week 284

1st June, 2014

Welcome to the new month. Hope it brings us all good luck – well most of us!


Ruth emailed me at 11.00 pm on Saturday night from Britain to say that I had posted this too early and was wishing my days away. I am rather guilty of that but, on this occasion, she was writing at 1.oo am Sunday in Greece. How time flies!

2nd June, 2014

Beautiful start to the day – warm and sunny but not too hot (23C/73F). We were out by 9.00 am working in the garden and we were absolutely shattered by 12.00 pm. I am really enjoying the exercise. I don’t think Pauline is as enthusiastic but, when I suggests she sits in the shade with her book, she says she daren’t leave me because I push myself too hard and she needs to be able to make sure I’m still breathing. That’s real dedication.

This afternoon, the weather rather clouded over. It was still warm. We ate our miniscule meal of fish and salad outside but, as the afternoon developed, it began to look as if we might get a bit of rain. Let’s hope so!

3rd June, 2014

Fascinating day. We woke up to heavy skies and 19C/66F. It had rained lightly over night exactly as the BBC had forecast. We went shopping and then came back to do some more land clearing. Just as we finished it began to rain although lightly and intermittently. Pauline cooked delicious fillet steaks in a mustard sauce with onions, mushrooms and tomatoes. Just as we finished cooking outside, it threw it down.


The ridiculous thing was that two filet steaks cost €3.80 (£3.00). Must get some more of those!

The cat wasn’t happy. She came for her meal very early in order to avoid the rain but she was on constant alert because of the thunder over head.

4th June, 2014

Wonderfully strange day. We woke up to leaden skies, thunder and dampness (no more) in the air. You would have guessed that it would rain. It didn’t.

Mother cat turned her nose up at the new dried cat food from Arades supermarket and promptly left. She returned at 11.00 am and had the same dried food mixed with her Italian salmon in beef gravy. She ate the lot and scarpered. You can’t beat real class in a cat!

I had my haircut. You’ve got to keep up appearances you know. We went out and did a couple of hours of physical labour in the garden. We should finish in the next three days and will only be a week behind the professionals last year. Pauline cooked pork chops accompanied by apple and onion compôte and cauliflower with a blue cheese and tomato topping. She is brilliant.

5th June, 2014

Woke up to cloud over the mountains.


Another busy day. The Lottery contacted us to say we had won again. We expected £10.00 in our account but got overwhelmed with £25.00. The Notary phoned to say she urgently needed to see us and then our architect told us he would call tomorrow. We can’t cope with all this attention.

I haven’t got round to posting the ferry timetables so here are last week and this week:

5 6

Later the Notary phoned again. We will probably have another meeting tomorrow in her beautiful new office where the phones never stop ringing. We’ve been out and blown our Lottery win on special food for Mother Cat. I might try it myself.

6th June, 2014

Well, it just shows that one can have predictable days in Greece just as anywhere else. Today we did two early hours slog in the garden. It will be finished by Monday. Just as I predicted and as he promised, the architect turned up around mid day. He was very helpful and reassuring. He told us that the price we are asking for the house was exactly right in today’s market. He gave us lots of tips to tell potential buyers. He also offered ‘free’ help in the selling process. He said our house was in exactly the right position and on the favoured side of Kamares now. It should attract a premium because people want property on ‘the sunny side’ now. It was a very positive half hour. He left after giving us a new topographic chart which shows we have a bit more land than we thought.

As soon as the architect had gone, the Notary phoned and we went up to meet her at her office, taking our new paperwork with us. She is a really impressive worker and has already worked wonders for us. We agreed on one or two things and then went off to Café Prago for a frappe because it had really turned quite warm – 25C/77F. We spent the afternoon tidying the house of unwanted clutter and will reward ourselves with Dinner out tonight.

7th June, 2014

Had a lovely meal last night with Panos & Rania. Quite a warm night. We got up at 6.30 am and, after breakfast, took out five bags of rubbish. How we generate so much I don’t know. When we got back, we cleaned the car in the cool of the pre-sun morning and then settled down to fresh coffee and the newspapers for about half an hour. Out shopping at the supermarket and then back again after getting home because I forgot to pick up two big bags of oranges and onions.

Our very best friend on the island phoned to check we were ok and tell us about a play we should go and see. At 11.00am, it was 26C/79F but we ventured out into the garden. We did a couple of hours’ clearing. Two more tomorrow and it will be finished. What will I do for exercise then? Anna told me last night that I can move on to hers. It’s not going to happen but nice try. Our meal today was very frugal. Pauline made Waldorf Salad and cold pork.


Three mouthsful and I was full.

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