Week 280

4th May, 2014

We couldn’t sleep so got up around 6.30 am. We even went out to the Café early – 8.30 am – to download The Sunday Times and gossip over coffee. Back home, we got the pressure washer out for the first time this year and cleaned the car. We must have English suburbia ingrained. Sunday Morning/Clean the car.

Didn’t eat much today. We weren’t hungry. We had tomato & cucumber salad with kipper fillets. Watched a couple of poor football matches this afternoon which confirmed that Chelsea are out of the race. Early night. We must get some physical work done tomorrow.

Just going to bed at 10.30 pm and Mother Cat turns up at the back door looking sweet and starving. Pauline opened a new tin of her favourite Italian Salmon. Well, it looks and smells vaguely like salmon but also contains beef and lamb. She loves it and came back for seconds tonight. I can deny her nothing!

5th May, 2014

Wonderful day – warm but not too hot. Spent the morning gardening and the afternoon sorting through clothes. This house is stuffed full of HUGE t-shirts, trousers, shorts, swimming trunks that I will no longer wear or need. We have filled three, enormous bin bags with them ready for them to go to the charity shop (or similar). Our special friend has told us of a church organisation who will receive them and redistribute – if they can find desperate, very large men who want to look ‘cool’ (not!).

Mother Cat was waiting at 7.00 am and was fed. She was back at 4.00 pm and was fed. She came back for another helping but we had run out. Of to the Notary’s office tomorrow along with shopping so she might get some more in the evening.

We have booked the hotel for our break in Athens. Interestingly, it was cheaper through Booking.com than by doing it direct with the hotel. Strange!

6th May, 2014

Went to bed late last night after watching Liverpool go 3-0 up with half an hour to go. Couldn’t believe it this morning when the BBC reported that they had drawn the match. It looks like it was all a step to far for this season. Pity. Busy day so up early and out. Another meeting with the Notary amongst other things and disposal of five/ heavy bin bags of clothes which we sorted out yesterday. The amount of money that has been piled into these things is embarrassing.

Posted Ruth’s Birthday card today. It must be difficult to be so old. Being so much younger, we went out for Lunch at Captain Andreas’ Taverna. Later in the evening, I watched the Manchester United team’s swansong as they beat Hull 3-1.

7th May, 2014

A blustery and chilly (19C) morning. We are spending the day gardening which should generate some heat.

The Notary has asked us to meet her again tomorrow morning. I am watching the City v Villa match tonight. City only need a point to be virtually sure of the Championship. It may not take long tonight. Walked round outside this evening. The air is distinctly nippy. Inside the house is wonderfully warm. The assessor said we have one of the most energy efficient houses on the island.

8th May, 2014

It is incredible that we left our Surrey home almost five weeks ago and have been living in our Greek home for a month. We have almost forgotten what it is like to go out to a supermarket and find, not only what we want but so much more to tempt us. It might cost more but it is there to tempt us. We have been in Greece for a month and I haven’t seen one Health Club. How strange the world is!

As the Geek from Hell, I catalogue everything. I know exactly how much I have in my Greek Bank account, my UK Bank Account, my Investment Bank Account, my ISA accounts. I know how much electricity, water, etc. that I use each week in my Greek house and my UK house. I record my INR, my blood pressure, my blood sugar, my cholesterol. I know how much I paid for my washing machine in 1982 and my coffee machine in 2014. It amuses, amazes and sometimes horrifies people. However, when the Notary wants some information, she is confident she will get the answer with paperwork to back it up. So it was today when we went up to meet her in her delightful office garden.

In line with my geekery, I capture and record the ferry timetable for our island – for future reference. At least it will inform my book. In the month since we arrived, these are the timetables in place:

1 2 3 4

9th May, 2014

Haven’t been out today. We’ve been garden clearing and really enjoying it. The day has only been interrupted by phone calls from our special friend and from the Notary. Otherwise, we have worked with a will.

Mother Cat is, at best, feral. She is a wild cat but, within two weeks of our return, has settled in to a twice daily feeding pattern. She is waiting at 7.00 am when we get up and is fed dried food and a bowl of water. At 6.00 pm, she calls for her Supper and has a bowl of fish mixed with dried food.


We usually have a chat before she eats but, when she’s finished, she leaves fairly swiftly and silently.

10th May, 2014

I don’t think I’m cut out for gardening. I just don’t have the stamina. Last year, The Pensioners worked six hours per day clearing our land with barely a rest. This year, these pensioners need all the rest they can get and don’t manage more than three hours per day. It’s not very impressive but what is these days?

Spent yesterday dealing with matters back in Surrey, writing letters, emails, etc.. I think I’m more built for the academic life.


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