Week 275

23rd March, 2014

A bright, sunny, warm day which we spent indoors working on cleaning, tidying and research. We did receive a lovely card from Sifnos friends which had been delivered to the wrong apartment and was brought round this morning.


The weather is forecast to turn colder soon, particularly in the North where we will be venturing. I think there was some snow in Lancashire/Yorkshire this evening.

24th March, 2014

The travelator of time is hurtling the future towards us. It will soon be April and I will soon be 63. What fun!


A relatively chilly 11C/51F outside. Only going out to the Health Club today. Greece is in the low 20sC/69F.

25th March, 2014

We’ve got two trips in the offing. This week we are going to Yorkshire and, in two weeks we are visiting Reims in France. I’m looking forward to them both. We’ll need some Euros for France and they’re currently being sold at £1.00 = €1.165. Must buy some soon. Will it go up or down? Who knows?

Been out this morning to underscore some research – to get it straight from the horse’s mouth. Well, actually, we discussed the family relations with Pauline’s sister, Phyllis. It was brilliant. She not only remembered some, long dead characters but produced photos of some as well. You can always rely on very old people!

Here is a photograph from the first year of World War 1 showing Pauline’s Grandfather, John William and her Father, Philip.


What a tale it tells and what a changing world they were about to experience.

26th March, 2014

Up at 5.00 am and out at 6.00 am. The M25 was quiet and the M1 was fine. We arrived in Oldham via Holmfirth and Meltham, by 10.00 am. The weather was fine but cold. Just one stop for coffee and a banana. First stop was Joyce & Harry for a discussion about our research on the Farrow-Houldsworth family lines. Joyce & Harry were delightfully welcoming but chaotic on memory as usual.

Drove back across the Pennines and stopped on the tops to have a snack of tomatoes, celery and cold sausages before going to our hotel in Brighouse and checking in.


27th March, 2014

Yesterday we were up at 5.00 am and on the road by 6.00 am but that was planned. Today we were up at 7.15 am and in the car park by 7.20 am but that was totally unplanned. After a long day and still in the deep sleep of recovery, we were woken in our hotel bed by an almighty siren. We hadn’t ordered a wake-up call and, waking drowsily and slowly, I first thought it was the alarm on my iPad.

Of course, it wasn’t. The sound was shaking the walls of the whole hotel. We got dressed. Pauline was complaining loudly. I ventured out into the corridor to find the Fire Door open and a cold blast blowing towards me. We walked out of the hotel and into the car park as other guests joined us. Two fire engines were roaring up the drive and hotel staff with clipboards were ticking guests off their lists.


Fortunately, it was dry and not too cold and we soon walked back in through the front entrance with a strong smell of burnt toast lingering. Pauline, looking like she had been dragged through a hedge backwards but gorgeous, soon showered and dried her hair in case it happened again. Talk about shutting the stable door!

28th March, 2014

We didn’t get our early wake-up call today so no fire. Even so, we were up by 7.30 am and out on a meat pie hunt by 9.000 am. The pies are not for us but for Colin who pines for Lancashire grub. After a tour round Asda, and Sainsbury’s, we found just six in Tesco’s which will have to do for him.

We are going to see a new born baby this afternoon – first Granddaughter to one of our friends. Pauline took us into Next to buy baby clothes. I found it a remarkably enjoyable activity. We bought two outfits and this is one of them:

dress1 dress2

I meant to say Happy Birthday to Jane. I sent her an email saying:

After 60 there is no way back. Enjoy your day.
Love from sunny Yorkshire.

She mailed back:

I certainly will – as we’re in St Lucia where it’s glorious. Both the Times and Guardian apparently have my name in their birthday lists – think I’ll have to be dead for that to happen again! 

29th March, 2014

Had a wonderful meal out with friends at the Olive Branch restaurant in Marsden.


Still feel full this morning. Up at 7.00 am and we will set off soon after 8.00 am.

The weather is warm and sunny – almost like early, English Summer. The drive back is delightful. The temperature outside has reached 21C/69F. The traffic is conspicuous by its absence and all is well with the world. We have done the drive in three and a half hours although the last ten miles on the M25 were difficult and frustrating. The first thing we say to each other as we leave the motorway and approach our home – Yorkshire, Surrey, they’re like two different worlds.

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