Week 267

26th January, 2014

Apparently last night was one of torrential rain and tornadoes around the country including less than 50 miles away from us but here we slept in an oasis of calm. It is raining lightly here now but nothing to suggest flood-level precipitation.

My job this week is to make a full, backup copy of my Blog because I’m thinking of migrating it to another site and I don’t want any accidents. The Blog is in to its sixth year. It intend to continue it, now, until I die. Whenever that is. However, it would be nice to integrate features that my current platform doesn’t allow so I am looking further afield.

27th January, 2014

A few days ago the European Commission belatedly acknowledged the self-impoverishment threatened by its renewable energy policies, and abandoned its previous insistence on maintaining mandatory targets for each of the 28 member states in the union. By giving massive subsidies to renewables they had been forcing other power
plants out of the market. Of course, satellite records show no land-mass global warming at all for the past 16 years.  We are now being told by experts on solar physics that we are heading into a period of exceptional inactivity on the surface of the sun – and, therefore, one of exceptionally cold temperatures. We now need extra greenhouse effect if we are not to suffer increasingly cold times. Let’s use our the natural resource we all walk on in the UK. Bring back coal!


My weight has just entered a territory that I haven’t seen for more than twenty years. That’s the good news as long as my heart doesn’t give out!

28th January, 2014

Lovely, sunny morning although chilly as I take the rubbish up to the bin store fortified by a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, and a large cup of Yorkshire Tea. As soon as I’ve unstacked the dishwasher, I reward myself with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Heaven! Pauline is going to a Pilates class with her sister while I am catching up on correspondence and then we are both off to the Health Club.

29th January, 2014

A grey and wet day. Not warm either at 5C/41F. Apart from a trip to the Health Club, this will be an ‘in’ day. I thought I would share with you an ‘app.’ on my Windows 8 computer which conveniently gives me ten years of meteorological data for each day of the year. It appeals to spreadsheet/research geeks like me.


I am preparing a new, ‘Back Office’ app. for my Blog which will tell me lots of stuff about my readers. It will tell me how many, when and where they are and even who they are through the IP address of their computer so that I can look them up. It’s going to make Blogging a whole lot more interesting.

30th January, 2014

Almost the end of another January. It is certainly going out with a wet flourish. I just hope it brightens up on Tuesday when we do an eight hour round trip to Yorkshire and back. Today we are going to the farm shop in Esher to buy meat.

It is official. This has been the wettest January on record (therefore for at least 100 years).


Few are surprised, least of all those living in Somerset, because they have been marooned since before Christmas.

31st January, 2014

Farewell January. See you next year. Horrible cold, wet, dark day to go out on.

A few days ago I grazed one alloy wheel on a stone curb. Part of the rim was roughed up. I knew it was possible to have a repair done so I phoned a local firm called WheelWizard. When I told them the model of my car they said that the repair would take a full day and cost £120.00. I instinctively thought, I could buy a new wheel for that but, when I looked it up, found that a set of four, replacement wheels would be £2020.00 or £504.00 each. I shall be driving over to The WheelWizard very soon.


1st February, 2014


Happy New Month. The word February is believed to have derived from the name ‘Februa’ taken from the Roman ‘Festival of Purification’.  The root ‘februo’ meaning to I purify by sacrifice. There’s not much purification been going on here recently unless it is by water!

The month has started with a screamingly beautiful day of clear blue skies and strong sun. The temperature is not great but equals the ten year average of 8C/47F. Rain and strong winds are forecast although a respite is promised for Tuesday when we drive up to Yorkshire.

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