Week 257

17th November, 2013

A day in huddled round the iPad and the PC. After reading the newspapers, I am researching new-build properties in Kent and Sussex. Looking back across the Blog, this time four years ago we were doing the same thing. How far we feel we have travelled in that time. We are going to do another research trip in the next couple of weeks. It will either be West Sussex or South Kent. We will have to keep our eye on the weather because snow is forecast – in Surrey?

18th November, 2013

New clothes seem to be delivered every day at the moment. Because of my changing figure, my clothes are looking increasingly baggy. Pauline is filling bin liners with my old clothes and preparing to take them to the charity shop in Byfleet.


Who would want them after I’ve done with them goodness only knows but they will soon be getting nearly-new garments as I move on again. It’s an expensive business losing weight.

Although my blood pressure is now excellent, my pulse rate is still too high. My resting rate can be over 100 and, when I’m exercising, it can be double that. Official advice is that exercising pulse rate should be no more than 220 minus one’s age so I should be 220 – 62 = 158. If I do thirty minutes on a jogging machine, my heart rate is 190 – 200 in the first ten minutes but then falls to around 110 after the half way stage. That is exactly what happened today. My aim is to get that down – and still be alive.

19th November, 2013

I love these autumn days – clear blue sky, strong, low sun, crisp temperatures – and today was no disappointment. The trees are still rioting with colour.


Had a really enjoyable session at the gym today and then came back for homemade asparagus & pea soup. Wonderful! Let’s hope I am as happy after the England v Germany match tonight.

20th November, 2013

Grey, cold – 3C/37F – and raining this morning. It feels dark and uninviting. Not the sort of day one would choose to go out to work – oh, I’m not! We have a team of men round this morning to service the guttering and downpipes. Tomorrow we have ADT Alarms upgrading our house alarm system. This morning I used my last ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) coffee pod. It is a vital tool when I’m hungry. Fortunately, my new order arrived ten minutes ago. A huge box of 300 pods direct from Italy.


After a poor display by England against Germany last night, I am hoping for better things from the England cricket team at the start of the Ashes Test series in Australia tonight. It has been lovely to watch a couple of hours review this afternoon of last summer’s Ashes win which I could only listen to on the radio while in Greece.

21st November, 2013

Couldn’t face staying up to watch the cricket last night although I wonder if Ruth did. Watched the highlights this morning and it was lovely to see Stuart Broad rubbing the Aussies faces in it.


Let’s hope he can keep it up.

I wasn’t too brilliant this morning so we have given the gym a miss today We have quite a few things to do anyway. As senior citizens we are absolutely wonderfully treated by our NHS. Our doctors, the Practice, the local Community Hospital, the District Hospital as well as free ‘flu’ jabs, free prescriptions – we just couldn’t ask for more. We just wish the dental practices were on the same footing. However, (and if you’re eating, look away now.) we have just been contacted by the National Bowel Screening Service to submit tests just two years after we first did it. I think this is a fabulous service – particularly as Mum suffered from bowel cancer – and, however squeamish I am, I shall do it. Apparently, they will continue to offer this service to us every two years until we no longer have or need bowels. And it’s all free! This is what you get in the post


along with a pack of cardboard spatulas. The rest I will leave to your imagination. After six samples over three days, the card is posted off to the University of Surrey in Guildford. We could pop it over in the car.

22nd November, 2013

Don’t even talk about the cricket! Took Pauline for a doctor’s appointment at Goldsworth Park and then off to Tesco. It was 11.00 am by the time we drove in to the car park. It was immediately obvious that the park and the store were packed. With nowhere to park in this megastore at mid-morning on a Friday, we tried to drive straight out but found ourselves stuck in a jam for 30 minutes just to get out of the car park. Christmas certainly seems to have come early here this year!


We went for a session in the gym and then spent the afternoon catching up on correspondence.

23rd November, 2013

Strong, low, winter sun this morning although fairly cold at 5C/41F. Went at 8.00 am to do the Tesco shop. Quiet and pleasant. Home by 9.15 am. Our car insurance renewal had arrived. Because we are abroad so long, we have a non-typical policy. It has to include European driving and breakdown for 180 days. LV have offered it for Pauline & I for £440.00 a year. It’s not cheap but neither is it exorbitant. I was listening to the young lads at the Health Club the other day vying for who could get Third Party insurance for their mini for under £2000.00. I was thinking of offering to chauffeur them for that.

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