Week 236

23rd June, 2013

Up reasonably early this morning and out to the café for coffee. As we went down to the garage, we noticed some documents in a plastic wallet tucked under the rear windscreen wiper of our car. They were some important documents relating to our land which were being prepared by the architect. He must have come past after we had gone to bed last night. We were shattered and went to bed around 11.00 pm. We certainly didn’t hear him.

At the café, I downloaded The Sunday Times while chatting to Christos about the world of Greek Island politics. He works very hard and long hours. He looks very tired at 9.00 am. He has asked if he can come over to our house for coffee. We have told him that he is very welcome at any time.

The temperature reached 31C/89F this afternoon. Note to Skiathan Man – not only sleeping on top of the sheets but shutters now closed in the afternoon to keep the house cool. We won’t need the outside lights on tonight. It will be naturally illuminated by the midsummer solstice super full moon. For young lovers a time to dream. We ‘oldies’ just enjoy the view.

24th June, 2013

A hot, almost sultry, still day. The strong winds that came have just as suddenly disappeared. My job is patio cleaning this morning. Later, we will go swimming. I am ashamed to admit, this will be our first swim in the sea this year. In fact, our last swim was on March 31st at the Health Club in Surrey. We are looking forward to it. Let’s hope the sea is refreshing after a morning’s work.

One of the noticeable differences this year has been the absence of little birds all around the property, leaving droppings on the walls and patio tiles. We don’t think it is the cat because she is getting to well fed to be bothered chasing them. It could be the owl that constantly guards our property. The one thing I have actually seen it catch is a small bird. It had the tail feathers sticking out of its mouth as it flew off to devour it on some post. In the last few days, however, we have had a family of pied wagtails pecking for seeds on the dry earth and enjoying dust baths in loose soil. They seem a little bigger than pied wagtails in England but just as quick.


We have ordered a sign for the sale of our property. It will be delivered soon.


25th June, 2013

Pure, Greek Summer day today. Blue, cloudless skies. Hot and still. Cicadas singing in the pomegranate trees. I’m immersed in emails from Surrey from the Steering Committee of our apartment development. Major matters like the electric gates, the codes for them. Getting the gardeners and cleaners to do their jobs properly, etc.. It all seems so far away. Mind you, I wouldn’t mind a walk through the rain and a trip round Waitrose but that’s a minor whim.

As we drove down to the beach, the car showed 32C/90F in the garage. The beach was nicely quiet with not too many tourists yet. The sea was delicious. We watched Speedrunner3 dock and then did half an hour of non-stop swimming.


Drove home and cooked our meal for the day – Griddled chicken & griddled vegetables (courgettes & peppers from the garden).

26th June, 2013

Can the days get any more beautiful. Up at 7.00 am. for fresh orange and Yorkshire tea. Mother Cat had obviously slept under a bush nearby, heard us get up and was still stretching outside the back door as we walked past. She got fresh water and dried food. She and I had a long talk and then she went off a-catting.

Our day will be split between reading the paper (Pauline’s doing a bit of ironing.), gardening and swimming followed by watching a bit of tennis.

The sea in Kamares Bay was wonderfully refreshing. We swam for an hour. Haven’t felt so clean for years. Closed the shutters at the front this afternoon to shut out the afternoon heat while we watched matches from Wimbledon. Now, as I water my plants at 8.00 pm, the temperature is at a sticky 33C/92F.

27th June, 2013

Mother Cat never ceases to surprise us. She has given no physical signs until now that anything untoward was happening. Today, as we drive back into the garage, she pops out and begins to call in a strange, rather strangled way. As we drink coffee on the patio, out sneaks a (quite mature) kitten. As soon as it sees us looking, it shoots back in to hide and no amount of calling and coaxing from Mother will get it back out. Minutes later, an e-card arrives from Viv & Richard announcing the birth of their latest Grandson.  Grandparenthood is catching!

28th June, 2013

What fun you can have when you’ve nothing better to do. Today we were taking advantage of a slightly overcast morning for clearing out the storm drain that goes in front of our drive gate. Every winter, the rains bring silt down and clog it up. Every year, we grudgingly put aside an hour or two to clear it out. This year, we are combining that annual delight with the joy of repainting the gate. We haven’t done it since 2007. I know you all now feel terribly jealous. No need. If you pop over with a brush, you can join in.


29th June, 2013

Talking about brushes. Could you pop over with one because ours has completely lost all its bristles sweeping out the storm drain.


By the time it gave out, it was 1.30 pm.. The Hardware shops close at 2.00 pm on Saturdays and, as we drove up to Apollonia, we got caught up with a ‘large load’ Electricity Company convoy led by our friend, Apostelos in his huge pickup. By the time we got to the Hardware shop, it had closed. We have had to make do with a supermarket brush until Monday. All World Headlines here. You heard them here first!

This morning we collected the For sale sign for our house. Three hours later, a couple dropped in because they heard we were selling and, after a quick tour round, a glass of wine and a chat, told us immediately they wanted to buy it. How strange life is. We will see what unfolds.

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