Week 190

5th August, 2012

We are heading for another heatwave. After a quiet day reading the Sunday newspapers, we went for a swim. The water was like nectar, cool and clear. I could have drunk it. As we walked back to the car at 5.00 pm, the temperature showed 35C/95 F. Had an enjoyable evening watching the Athletics at the Olympics.

Received an email from Rizwan – one of the last teachers I appointed before I retired. He is now married and teaching in a British School in Riyadh. He seems very happy and enjoying his job. He tells me that his third child is due any day. How time flies. I haven’t seem him since I retired in April  2009.

6th August, 2012

We are definitely heading for another heatwave. The forecasts are for 37C/99F on the island by Tuesday and 42C/107F in Athens at that time. We washed down our drive of all the soil and dust that was displaced by the first phase of landscaping work we had done. We used the pump water rather than the pressure washer. We also flushed out the storm culvert we drive over to get on to the road. We have taken widespread advice and we and others will be closely monitoring any attempt to open up old wells above us if it puts our own in jeopardy. Apparently, the Community Office has to be notified and has recently denied many applications particularly to those who have tried to do it quietly and secretly. We have three separate people on alert to monitor it for us if we are away and they will contact the Community. It makes us feel quite humble how people have rallied round to help us without concern for the consequences. We are expecting the stone man back shortly.

New ferry timetable this week:


7th August, 2012

Hot, hot day today. The car read 34C/93F in the garage at 8.30 this morning. We went down to collect the post and download the paper and then back for toast. Our amenuensis phoned at 10.00 am and was still on the phone at 11.00 am.. We had toast and fresh coffee and read the paper on the terrace. We knew the temperature was going up  but even in the shade under the pergola, the heat was oppressive. We were intending to leave the painting and drive down to Hersonissos to swim and have lunch but decided it was just too hot. Heat can make one apathetic. We put together a lovely snack lunch of tomatoes straight from our own garden with cucumber, Danish Blue cheese, wonderful slices of salami and some iced, white wine and soda. It was delightful.

Our next door neighbour in Surrey, General Victoria Wellington, contacted us today. She had just retired from the army when we first met her. She is a very nice woman but we haven’t really got to know each other well yet because either we are in Greece or she is abroad playing golf. Already, she is thinking of selling her property. It won’t be difficult. She’ll probably have to fight buyers off or hold an auction. She hopes to move to be closer to her elderly Mum in Nottinghamshire, I think. Pity because she is an interesting person that we would like to get to know better.

Glorious swim at about 5.00 pm in Kamares Bay with the temperature touching 36C/97F. The sea was cooling and crystal clear. As we walked back over the sand dunes to the car, all the benefit of the sea was dissipated by the stifling heat. Showers, a glass of icy white wine and Pauline’s chicken stir-fry followed by a bit of Olympic athletics before we retreated to our lovely, air-conditioned bedroom.

8th August, 2012

INR check this morning after downloading the newspaper. Still not on an even keel. Back next week. Met an interesting old Greek-American who had arrived from Serifos. Quite a trip for a blood test. Aren’t I lucky? In a bored moment, I was looking around the walls of the tiny testing centre that can seat six people and I suddenly realised English holiday resorts were staring at me:


Lovely half hours with friends in Prego Cafe sipping frappe and then back home to escape the heat.  Came home and made our own, delicious frappe for about a tenth of the price. The thing about drinking them at home is that you can make rude noises draining your glass with a straw without half the island staring disapprovingly at you.


Swimming was just wonderful again. It is so much improved by the absence of the Poison Dwarf on the beach these evenings.

9th August, 2012

There is little or no movement of air. I don’t think the night temperature fell much below 30C/88F. We are desperate to jump in the shower as soon as we get up. Thank goodness we have one each. A cup of tea and out for the post and to download the newspaper. The narrow road through the back street which leads down on to the beach road is getting more and more congested. We are lucky to get through without some careful manoeuvring.  The heat dictates another restful day of swimming and drinking liquid. I’m having to make sure all the trees get extra water today as well.

10th August, 2012

Thought it was going to feel cooler today but no such luck. Pauline did a bit of painting – the whole of the front of the house is now complete – while I watered all the trees. I also picked a large bowl of peppers from the garden.

Inspite of the Poison Dwarf’s machinations, Moshca & Apostolis have continued to be lovely as has Margarita. Today, George, who was delivering for the supermarket, went out of his way to park up and come up for a chat. He is such a pleasant, intelligent lad (man). I still think of him as a lad because I’ve known him since he was in short trousers but, in truth, he has grown in to a fine man.

The heat is really affecting our appetite. Apart from toast for breakfast, we lived on a huge bowl of fresh fruit today. We picked more figs and ate them with wonderful peaches, apricots, plums and grapes. I’m in danger of losing weight.


11th August, 2012

At last the oppressive, sticky weather has lifted. It is still 30C/88F but feels so much more comfortable. As I walked into Kamares to download my newspaper, Papa Boulis stopped his van, got out with his brother, Kiki’s husband, and shook my hand and wished me “Good Morning”. We remember him as a youngish man in the early 1980s working so hard in his restaurant by the sea. He was probably early forties and we were late twenties. It was definitely the place to go and eat in those days. It was packed out every night. Boulis would charge around like a sweating bull, losing his temper with impatient customers. That restaurant became a cafe. The Boulis restaurant re-opened away from the sea and was never the same again.

Did a big supermarket shop today but when Pauline came to pay, her credit card was refused by the terminal which just said, “Phone Bank”. We paid cash and when we got home. I phoned the card company and was immediately put through to the Fraud Department. The fraudster started at 1.30 am (UK time) by spending two lots of 11p. Then they bought something on an American website for £350.00 and followed that by another purchase on the same site for £1,400.00. After that they topped up their mobile phone and, when they did that for a second time in four hours, the credit card company realised fraud and stopped the card. Fortunately, we are not liable for what amounts to nearly £2000.00 of charges but we are having to have new cards rushed out to us. Luckily, we have other credit card accounts as well.

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