Week 171

25th March, 2012

Summer in Surrey – in March. The weather has officially announced it.

Pauline is packing boxes for posting to Greece.

26th March, 2012

6.50 am INR test this morning. Hopefully, the last in Woking for some while. A trip this afternoon to see the little girl, Ria – my dentist. The sun is so hot she and her Polish assistant are clearly itching to get out in it like all young things. I make her feel better by reminding her that in another 45 years she will be retiring and free to enjoy all the sun she can get. My mouth was pronounced fine.

We went to the local Post Office to check we would be alright with four, big, heavy boxes for delivery to Greece on Monday next week. We were assured that there would be no problem.

27th March, 2012

The warmest, sunniest day of the year so far. We were off to Honda in Weybridge for 10.30 am for our Holiday Check. When they heard that we were driving across Europe next week, they left a Honda bag containing all the things one requires by law in the various countries – warning triangle, aluminium blanket, first aid kit, spare bulb kit, etc..

Sat out in the sun for a bit to discuss events coming up. We decided that we would have to leave Surrey at 4.00 am to make our tunnel crossing. To have a better sleep, we decided to book a hotel down in Ashford for the evening before. We booked the Holiday Inn which is 10 minutes away from the tunnel and only costs £50.00.

home1.jpg    home2.jpg

This evening, after watching Chelsea beat Benfica, we sat outside at 10.00 pm in March to drink our coffee.

28th March, 2012

We won’t need to go to Greece at this rate. The weather just keeps heating up. Shopping at Waitrose felt like shopping in Italy without the pushing. We had lunch outside on the patio and then hurried in doors to escape the sun.

Jane’s birthday today. She is 58. I sent her an email and received a nice reply.

jane.jpg  jane2.jpg

Pauline finished packing the boxes although she’s worried about the total weight – it’s creeping over 200 kg. I produced contact sheets for our keyholders – two neighbours plus Phyllis & Colin. I contacted the burglar alarm company, Custom Security Services so they know the altered priority of contact over the next six months.

Watched quite a good match between AC Milan – Barcelona which ended 0-0 and then laughed away the evening listening to ‘Call me Dave’ Cameron deciding whether or not I should panic buy petrol and hoard it ‘illegally’ in my garage. Did he eat a pasty and, if so, was it from Leeds or Liverpool station? Was he simplifying the tax system or robbing the poor pensioners to reward the rich, top 1%? You can just tell he is a man of the people and that we are all in this together!


29th March, 2012

Hot and sunny – I can’t stand it. Phyllis & Colin are coming for lunch – Pauline is making Fish Pie with Trout, Cod and Prawns dressed with a Mornay Sauce and soft mash potatoes. I’m providing a wonderful, ice cold Pinot Grigiot to drink with it. For Afters we are having Tarte Citron dressed with fresh raspberries and cream. My job is to tidy the lounge and then stay out of the way. I do that quite well.

After a lovely meal, I spend some time teaching Phyllis how to use her new iPad. When they leave, we sit out in the sun for an hour. I phoned Ruth and was shocked to hear her voice. She sounded dreadful and said she had had heavy ‘flu’ for a fortnight and couldn’t shake it off. She told me about Liz having Lunch with the Queen in Manchester last week and how proud Mum would have been of her. Liz was supposed to visit Ruth today but had to be put off because of her illness. I hope she gets better soon. Things can get a hold if you’re not careful – especially at her age.

Still tinkering with things before we go away. Phoned Credit Card companies to tell them. Phoned Sky with whom I have a TV/Phone/Broadband contract and tried to get my bill mitigated for the duration. Found I will save £50.00 per month which will pay for my Nova satellite contract in Greece.

30th March, 2012

Perhaps the last of the lovely weather before we get to Greece. Today is going to be another scorcher. We are off to the Woking Peacock Centre this morning so Pauline can have her hair cut at Toni&Guy. It isn’t ideal but she’ll risk it today. We will then go on to Santander to take out ISAs for the new, financial year. We have to forward buy because we will be away.

En route to town, we spied a garage with no more than ten people queuing. We ‘topped up’ our tank. We have 320 miles in the tank and France is only 80 miles away. It’s not going to be a problem.

Jobs done. Pauline looks spruce as a goose. ISAs bought, we set off for Tescos. We had to fight our way round those queuing for petrol to do our last bit of shopping. By the time we came out, the queues had gone and so had the petrol. The garage was closed.

With four days to go, we feel smugly ready. I can’t stop thinking about Ruth. Two weeks of thick ‘flu has gone on for too long. She needs to see a doctor before it degenerates into pneumonia. I’ll have to tell her myself. Oh, I just have.

31st March, 2012

A day in today – conserving petrol. Joke! We have spent the day tidying up loose ends. The boxes have been labelled and weighed. They go as a ‘consignment’ and, in total, weigh in at 82Kg. I have been uploading everything I can’t do without – filewise – to ‘the cloud’. I have been packing laptop bags plus software, camera bags plus chargers and additional technology that I can’t do without. Pauline has been ironing clothes for the trip. At least these days we only have to take clothes that we need for travelling. Everything else is in the house.

I was so pleased for Ruth that Bolton won today and pulled out of the relegation zone. I hope it boosts her up. I was almost as pleased to hear City couldn’t beat Sunderland.

bolton.jpg  city.jpg

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