Week 162

22nd January, 2012

Breakfast, papers, football. Disgraceful win for City with Balotelli still on the pitch. What was the referee doing? Fairly disappointing win for United given their early dominance.

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23rd January, 2012

One of the delights of living down here is to take advantage of special offers from Eurotunnel such as a £22.00 return crossing that they sent me today. We have booked this morning to do a shopping trip in three weeks time.

Went to the pool and had a lovely swim. I managed ten lengths this time. We have quite a busy week so the next swim could be Thursday when we will expect to do twelve lengths.

24th January, 2012

A wet day today but not too cold.The app. on my PC shows 3C at 9.30 in the morning. If all goes well today, Amazon will collect our faulty coffee maker and deliver a new one

Amazon have done exactly what they promised. They collected the damaged coffee maker at 11.00 am but didn’t deliver the replacement until 6.30 pm. I will unpack and test it tomorrow.

Watched a really good League Cup semi-final in which Cardif beat Crystal Palace on penalties.


25th January, 2012

Grey and overcast and quite cold outside. After breakfast, we unpacked the coffee maker and made our first cups of coffee. I have a huge, assorted pack of ESE pods. This morning we tried Izzo Caffe 100% Arabica ESE pods from Naples. They were wonderful.

Later in the morning, a nest of coffee tables were delivered from Oakland Furniture. These virtually complete our furniture buying for this year.


This afternoon, we went out a bought Asda’s entire stock of Wash & Go because it was on a very cheap offer. It will be sent to Greece where it is very expensive and I get through something like fifteen in the six months.

26th January, 2012

Woke up at 5.30 am today. I hadn’t slept well because I’ve pulled a muscle around my shoulder blade – probably swimming – and I couldn’t find a single position in bed where it didn’t hurt. When I got up, I found that the toilet in the en-suite had sprung a small leak. The beauty of buying a new property is that, for the first two years, we just phone customer services and a plumber comes round and fixes it for free. By 6.45 am, I was standing outside Wolking Walk-in Hospital waiting for my blood test. By 7.10 am I was home watching England v Pakistan. After breakfast, I fell asleep on the settee.

While she was hoovering, Pauline blew up our Dyson vacuum cleaner and we will have to replace it. Fortunately, Phyllis & Colin had a spare one – as you do – and we have borrowed it. We’ve invited them for lunch next week. Pauline will make Colin’s favourite – meat pie. Colin is, of course, a Lancashire lad and loves the famous Holland’s Pies.


27th January, 2012

After breakfast today, the sun came up and bathed the flat in warmth and light. I watched England continue to do a good job on Pakistan. Broad and Panesar were particularly impressive.


Pauline, who went for an x-ray on a lump on her shoulder which seems to be giving her pins & needles and some numbness in her left arm, had a telephone consultation with a doctor today. It seems that is what the do here. It seems that she is suffering from early signs of Arthur as arthritis is know in her family. All the women in her family suffer from it. She is being offered physiotherapy and cortizone injections. We are disappointed as she is so young. Like her Mum, she will probably suffer from it for the next forty years.

After lunch, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful, mild and sunny afternoon and go for a walk. Our property is in Maybury Place which is just off Sandersy Lane. Not only are our gated grounds lovely and quiet but Sandy Lane is a dead end for cars so is also very quiet. At the end of the lane is a narrow, muddy track where only walkers can go but which leads to Maybury Hill and to a gastro-pub with a fantastic reputation for food – The Maybury Inn.


We had a walk up there and back round our own grounds of the old convent which are magnificent.

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