Week 154

27th November, 2011

We had a wonderful night’s sleep in our new bed in our new bedroom in our new apartment. We haven’t got a dining table or settees but it is delightful to be in at last. It is still incredibly mild. We just don’t need the central heating on.

28th November, 2011

The flat is full of boxes of stuff. We had to get them off the floor so that the carpets could be laid. As a consequence, one of the bathrooms is unusable until we can find homes for everything. First today I have to see the Diabetic Nurse at our new surgery. I turn up at 9.00 am with urine sample to be told I am overweight. I promise to try harder. Later in the day, we go to our dentist. We both need a filling. It is the first dental work we have had done for twelve months. The dentist is a young (Year 11?) Indian girl. She turns out to be fantastic – super confident, quick and capable. We make a return appointment for March to cover our six months in Greece.

29th November, 2011

Our Lounge furniture minus the settees arrives today. An oak dining table and leather covered chairs accompanied by a tall display cabinet and small sideboard all in oak. We have to be so careful not to over fill the lounge and yet we need storage.

cabinet.jpg  sideboard.jpg

The chairs are covered in a cream leather to keep the room light rather than the dark brown pictured here.

table.jpg  chair.jpg

In the afternoon, the bookcases and desk for the Study were delivered. Things are really beginning to look up now.

30th November, 2011

We set off just after 9.00 am to go to Weybridge to visit Trident Honda for our first major service on the car. This year, for the first time in the past 35, we have driven under 10,000 miles in spite of going to Greece and back. We have always averaged 13 – 15,000. With this car which we picked up on December 1st, 2010, we have three years free servicing (parts and labour). In the past three weeks, we have developed a squeak as we release the footbrake. I expected a dollop of grease being applied. Instead, they are going to fit a whole new foot pedal unit. We have always had fantastic service from Honda. Since the early Eighties, we have always had free replacement cars for the day. Today was the first time we haven’t needed it. We walked a few hundred yards in to Weybridge Centre to Cafe Rouge. We sat outside for an hour in gloriously warm sunshine drinking coffee, eating pain au chocolat and reading the paper. It was the day of the big strike and I knew how we would be feeling if we were still working. We are so grateful to be out of it.

We had a few problems in our drive out because an accident on the M25 had thrown traffic on detours but we had a pleasant drive as we left Weybridge for a giant B&Q in New Malden. We drove the outskirts of Chessington, Epsom, past Hampton Court and near to West Wimbledon. The weather was delightful. The trees in full colour gave the lie to the last day of November. We bought a standard lamp and some ceiling shades. Unfortunately, when we got it home and set it up, the lamp just wasn’t right.


Just as we were cooking our evening meal, the tumble dryer we had ordered was delivered. As soon as we had eaten our meal, we opened the lid of the box to reveal the panels of the dryer were bashed and separated. It had obviously been dropped in store or transit. It had to go back.

1st December, 2011


December and we’re still not using the central heating. It is delightfully warm.

Back to New Malden this morning. While we were away, the van called to pick up the damaged tumble dryer. Of course, it will have to call again.We chose a different lamp in New Malden and, as soon as we got it home and opened the box, we found the first broken piece of the shade. It has to go back. We went to a nearer, smaller branch in Guildford, immediately and got a replacement. Don’t you just wish you could join my jetset lifestyle?

2nd December, 2011

A day at home today. We are going to liberate the main bathroom. All the final boxes are being emptied. I don’t have many baths nowadays. I love the power-shower in our ensuite but it will be nice to be able to see the bathroom back to its default state.

Had to pop out to buy a screwdriver. It took 10 – 15 minutes but, when we got back, we found that they had tried to collect our damaged tumble dryer while we were out. It seems to have been the theme of the week. Pauline called them back and they said the would next be in our area on Tuesday. Unfortunately, we won’t. We’re off to France.

3rd December, 2011

Quick trip to Tesco at 8.30 am before the crowds. Back home to coffee and newspapers  along with ‘Saturday Kitchen’ on TV. I’ve now got a working Study so I can start to set up my computers and get on with projects. The Study has a large, L-shaped desk with a computer chair and two filing cabinets, two full height bookcases and a TV. We have a sofa-bed waiting to be delivered and I will then go out and buy a large TV to mount flat to the wall. It really is beginning to feel like home. Quite amazingly, the temperature has reached 15C/59F and we still aren’t using the heating. In fact, we have the windows and patio door open. A bee came in today. Greece is 18C/65F which is a significant difference but not huge. One thing that I meant to mention. On our road there are two fully fruiting fig trees and an olive tree. You wouldn’t see that in Yorkshire.

fig.jpg  olive.jpg

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