Week 147

9th October, 2011

Went down to our apartment to do some cleaning and tidying after leaving it empty for six months. It is was a beautiful day. We were delighted with how the landscaped grounds around our building were looking. The trees are in magnificent colour. The apartment is set in the grounds of an old convent. As we were driving in, I noticed a little grey haired old lady teeter on the top step of huge step ladders with electric hedge trimmers in hand, cutting back a huge conifer. As we passed her, I turned down the window and shouted, “I expect to see a peacock in that conifer when I come back!” She looked so astonished that she nearly fell off the ladders.

We cleaned and measured up the rooms so that I could produce scaled plans ready for ordering furniture. When we left, the old lady was just getting down the ladders from a perfectly shaped conifer (in a conical) with the electric shears. We stopped the car in the road to say, ‘Hello‘. She told us that she was 82, her name was Joy and that her husband had been Head Gardener in the Convent where our apartment was built. She was clearly a character and lonely. It was hard to get away because she soon started rambling on about lots of stuff like her grandaughter getting a university place and then dropping out, etc.. Unfortunately, traffic came the other way and we had to move on.

10th October, 2011

Today I phoned Sky to book an installation of a package containing television, phone line with free calls and unlimited broadband. It will cost £70 – £80.00 per month which will save us about £40.00 on our previous arrangements.Went down to our apartment again and parked for the first time in our underground garage. We noticed that our nearest neighbour was parked in her space so we decided to go and introduce ourselves. She is a single woman who told us she’d been retired for four years and was now 54. She had been in the army and looked ‘well clipped’ – it turns out she was a General. She told us that she spent her time playing golf and travelling abroad. There is a meeting for the Management Group of our Development soon and we agreed to go together.

11th October, 2011

Today we went in to order fitted wardrobes for the bedrooms. We are almost the only people shopping in this huge store. Later in the day, we go in to an empty bed shop, an empty carpet shop, an empty Bathstore and an empty sofa store. Everywhere they are putting up ‘Reductions’ signs. We booked a man to come and measure up for the wardrobes with fitting and some bespoke additions. We know, roughly, the price of the carcases but are told not to pay anything until next Saturday when the price will be reduced by a further 15%. Later in the day, we get a phone call from the salesman to say that, if we pay a deposit, we can have 20% off.

12th October, 2011

Phoned my web space provider today because I still haven’t got access to my Blog after a whole week. I am quite dismayed and very angry. They tell me they are still working on the database connection. I asked how many people it affected and they became quite evasive. I became more suspicious.

13th October, 2011

This morning, coincidence??, my Blog became available again. Thank goodness for that. I can get on with updating it. I am nine days behind.

Had emails from friends in Yorkshire who we are going up to see next week. We also learned that a girl we taught with for about thirty years and who was about three years younger than us, died in her sleep last night.

14th October, 2011

Bought two settees and footstool for the lounge plus a sofabed for the study. We then went on to the carpet shop and chose two carpets. Pauline insists on an 80%/20% mix of wool/man-made fibre. We asked for two swatches and took them down to the furniture shop. It was obvious which of the two went best and we returned to the shop – Carpetright – to order. We will have the carpet laid right through the apartment – lounge-diner, stairs, bedroom 1 and bedroom 2. The price was 50% off but just as we were going in to the shop, they were putting out notices for an extra 10% off. We didn’t complain.

15th October, 2011

We now have a timetable for the next few weeks. We have jobs still to achieve but this is the barebone list:

October 18th Leave for Huddersfield
October 19th Visit friends in Oldham + go shopping in Leeds
October 20th Anti-Coagulation at HRI + visit Huddersfield friends / Dinner with M&V
October 21st Final Diabetic Clinic + Say goodbye to our Doctor.
October 22nd Carpets & Hard flooring measure up
October 25th Sky Specialist to install box – 12.00 pm -6.00 pm
November 10th Openreach Engineer – 8.00 – 1.00 pm
November 21st Wardrobes & Shelves fitted
November 23rd Carpets & Hard flooring layed
November 24th Bed delivered
November 25th Suite delivered

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