Week 114

20th February, 2011

Dark, brooding and oppressive sky – loveless, lightless and foggy. Pauline went out for the newspapers and found an old lady standing outside the apartment block next door to ours. She had gone out for a walk, taking a newly cut key with her. When she returned, she couldn’t turn the key in the lock even to get in to the communal area never mind her own apartment. She lived alone and didn’t want to wake any one else by ringing their bell that early on a Sunday morning. Pauline saw how cold she was -there was snow all around us – and invited her in to the shoebox.

She came in and sat down in our lounge. Pauline went on for the paper while I entertained the lady. In ten minutes I managed to get her life story out of her. She came from Ireland as a young woman and settled in London where she had spent most of her life. She told me she was 82 years old . Although she was from a family of eight and was a lapsed Catholic, all her brothers and sisters were dead. She had three nephews in Huddersfield which is why she had moved up here.

After talking for ten minutes, I thought that I would try her key in the lock. After j-j-j-jiggling it a bit, I managed to turn the lock and get her in to her block. She was delighted. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and she scampered off to her apartment. Only when Pauline got back with the papers and asked me what the lady’s name was did I realise that was the only thing I hadn’t asked her.

Great win for Bolton at Fulham yesterday. Certainly looks like they made the right decision about their change of Manager.


21st February, 2011

One of the most dismal looking days I’ve seen for a while. Six weeks today we move house and seven weeks today we set off for Greece.

This morning we went off to Santander to buy a couple of cash ISAs. £10,200.00 at 2.85% (2.35% above Bank Rate guaranteed for twelve months). It offers instant access if I need it. The Advisor said he expected 4% to be available for the new Tax Year after April 6th. We will take out two more ISAs then and, hopefully transfer these current ones in.

22nd February, 2011

Trying again to go down to Surrey this morning. The aborted trip from a couple of weeks ago is back on now. Pauline wants to check out hairdressers and make an appointment for just before we leave for Greece and we both want to look at Doctors’ surgeries. The M1 is reported to be very foggy this morning so it may take a while.


The drive was wonderful and the M1 half empty. A journey that can regularly take four an a half hours and has taken up to seven hours a couple of times today was completed in three hours. We unloaded our bag at Phyllis & Colin’s house and then went on to Weybridge to book a hair appointment for Pauline on April 9th – two days before we leave for Greece. We went on to Woking to to visit two Doctors’ surgeries to pick up their information packs and check the premises out.


23rd February, 2011

Met the blind lady from Hillarys Blinds (I don’t think they’ve heard of apostrophes.) just after lunch today. We met at our new property which was absolutely full of workmen. They were blitzing it for completion in three weeks. We had to negotiate quite hard with the blind lady. Eight windows and a full length glass door will cost us £800.00 fitted and working. This will be done the day we pick up the keys and will allow us to lock up, set the alarm and leave the place secure. The alarm will be set up so that, if it goes off, it will automatically contact Pauline’s sister in West Byfleet which will be great when we are away.

Drove straight back up the M1 to Huddersfield. It took near four hours than three this time because of long hold up for an accident just before Sheffield. At least we got back in time for Man.U. v Marseille although there were no goals.

24th February, 2011

Tired this morning after the drive yesterday. Even so, we went swimming. What a mistake! Apparently, it’s Half Term. Parents had brought their kids. We beat a quick retreat. I hate Half Term.

I am working on new photo albums for the website. A lot of them will have to be done in the winter when I’ve got time to raid the photo stores and scan them all in. It will be a November project. I’m also considering going on a training course to improve my website design skills. Goodness know, I need it.

25th February, 2011

The skies are so dark today. We shop on Friday. Even though the skies are grey, the familiarity of Huddersfield town gave me pause for thought:

hudds1.jpg  hudds2.jpg  hudds3.jpg

I have five weeks left as a Yorkshire man.

26th February, 2011

Saturday is papers and sport. A strong win for Man. Utd. and a nervy win for England against France both made me happy but it doesn’t compensate for information confirming and deepening the recession. I was getting quite gung-ho about a rate rise in the next couple of months leading to at least 1.5% by the end of the year. This would have strengthened the pound and given better investment rates. The latest news makes that rather less likely. When will the economy support we pensioners? Those youngsters just get it all their own way.

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