Week 108

9th January, 2011

A freezing cold day with thick ice everywhere. It was a nice day in with Sunday papers and a win for Man. Utd.. Poor old Gerrard but he had to go.


10th January, 2011

Up early this morning. Lots to do starting with a trip to the Anti-coag. team at the Huddersfield Royal. I am really going to miss them. My INR has gone down to 1.7 which is too low and my Warfarin has been increased to 8mg per day. I will have been taking warfarin for two years in a fortnight. Home to the shoebox for coffee and then out to the Health Club for a lovely, long swim.

Completing the legal pack for the house purchase this afternoon and, therefore, carefully re-reading all documentation related to the house. One of the interesting elements of the purchase is the service charge which, originally was set at £2000.00 per year but was subsequently reduced, under negotiation, to £1500.00. of this, £800.00 per year funds the on-site hot water generator. All of our central heating and hot water and all of our electricity is provided by a Combined Heat & Power unit in the basement with a biomass boiler as a backup. The CHP unit even generates enough electricity to export some back to the National Grid. Instant Heat and Hot water is supplied on demand. The system is supplied by Vital Energi.

11th January, 2011

We finally instructed solicitors to go ahead with the purchase of our property in Woking. Exchange of contracts is supposed to be March 18th but  already the builders are making a few noises of bad weather having delayed them a little. We have been told we can view the property from the inside from the end of this month and we then hope to get contractors in to measure up for wardrobes, carpets and curtains/blinds. We will have just over three weeks between getting the keys and leaving for Greece. It’s all a bit tight.

12th January, 2011

After a long swim which left me unable to walk further than to the car, we spent the day doing paperwork and generally tidying up our affairs. It is one of the great joys of retirement to be able to put a day aside to organising one’s finances, catch up on correspondence, organise one’s life, tidy ones computer, filing cabinet, papers, etc.. While one is working, all of these things constantly nag away at one’s consciouness and are desperately completed in the margins of one’s life.

Anek Lines brought out their 2011 brochure today. Its prices are so good that we’ve been pursuaded to jump ship and leave Superfast for Anek. We have successfully managed to book a Luxury cabin for two for a return price of less than £500.00. It is an incredible price.

anek.jpg  lux.jpg

13th January, 2011

My hamstrings were so tight that Pauline allowed me a day off swimming.

Recently, I have had a long email from Jonathan Kelly who has lived in America for the past thirty years. He is in Boston, Massachusetts and his sister, Gillian, who some of you might remember, lives in Canada. Jonathan is 64 – so nearly as old as Ruth – but he expects to have to work for at least another three years. He is coming to England in the summer for a holiday. Unfortunately, I will be in Greece but he is going to visit Dave Beasley. Surely you remember him! Dave and his wife, Sue, sold up in Repton and bought a small holding in Wales. Dave retired at the ripe, old age of 45 and is now approaching 70. By coincidence, Dave phoned me this afternoon and we had the first long chat for ages. It took me back almost 50 years to days of naive fun. Who remembers those?

14th January, 2011

Lovely couple of hours at the Health Centre. Achieved my week’s target in the pool and the Steam Room was back in action. Our main meal was roast pheasant and vegetables for our meal today. Delicious!

Received the legal pack for the Duplex purchase. It is intimidatingly complex particularly because we are not buying a detached house on a separate plot of land but a two floor apartment in a three floor building with enclosed but shared grounds. It will take most of the weekend to read through and respond to. It will also mean an early trip back to the site – possibly next week.

15th January, 2011

Strong winds and heavy rain today. Unfortunately, we had to go to Sainsburys. When we got back and relaxed over the Saturday papers, we decided to ignore the Legal Pack for the property and concentrate on preparations for Greece. We need Health Insurance for six months and House Insurance for the next twelve months:

The Health Insurance for us both with my existing conditions of:

  • Diabetes,
  • Hypercholesterolaemia (high cholesterol),
  • Hypertension
  • Atrial fibrillation

costs just £264.00 for the six months from Columbus Direct.  The insurance for the Greek house comes from a company called Intasure.  A year’s cover for the house, including earthquake damage and £20,000.00 Contents cover is just under £400.00. At least we have a fairly belt and braces insurance cover for ourselves, our car, our property and its contents.

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