Week 105

19th December, 2010

This is the start of Year 3 of the Blog. All life is here with its ups and downs, deaths and celebrations. I had hoped it might bring me back to my brothers and sisters and link us up however tenuously. I am genuinely sorry that it has failed and it may well be my fault but so be it. The blog will go on. Actually, the Blog started on Christmas Day 2008 and featured these two ladies.


Only one is left now. We will move forward together.

20th December, 2010

Last night reached -12°C. It is 10.30 pm as I write and already down to -10°C. We wanted to get the car cleaned before we set off for Surrey on Wednesday but there is no chance. It is just too cold. The temperature hasn’t risen above -4°C at any time during the day. We have been working on investments all day and had a pleasant surprise when we found £2000.00 neither of us can remember investing and certainly hadn’t recorded. At least it partly makes up for the £4000.00 unpaid tax demand Pauline has received from the Inland Revenue. Very strange for someone who has only ever been on PAYE.

21st December, 2010

The Winter Solstice – the shortest day. It all gets better from here. Pauline was up early to check out the eclipse of the moon. She’s really into things like that. She loves star gazing. That’s why she loves looking at me. (Christmas joke!)


We are off to Surrey tomorrow so its our last day of peace and quiet alone for a week. Half an hour defrosting of the car and then a ten minute journey in to town for some last minute purchases. Later I had a nice phone chat with Ruth who told me she was meeting Liz this evening at the Manchester Christmas Market. I asked her to give Liz a kiss from me.


22nd December, 2010

The day has opened cold but fine. The temperature went down to -14°C last night and is still -5°C at 8.00 am. We are supposed to be setting off for Surrey this morning but, having checked the M1 Traffic website, we decided to delay our travel for one day. A considerable band of snow had fallen/was falling across the Midlands causing a number of crashes and backlogs on the M1 from Chesterfield right down to Daventry. We decided that discretion was the better part of valour and, by 12.00 noon the BBC were reporting heavy snow in Leicestershire so we felt justified in our decision. We will leave early on Thursday morning.

23rd December, 2010

Up at 6.00 am and off on our travels by 7.00 am. By the time we set off it was -4°C so quite warm really. The journey was fantastic. Hardly any traffic on the road. Derbtshire & Leicestershire had lots of lying snow even fringing the motorway. We arrived at Tesco in West Byfleet by 10.45 am, did some shopping filled up with petrol (£1.23 per litre!) and had the car cleaned. The rest of the day was spent with Phyllis & Colin. Pauline’s Kindle had arrived and she spent happy hours searching the Kindle store for books and downloading them. I’m very pleased I bought it for her.

24th December, 2010

Woken up in sunny Surrey to -6°C at 8.00 am. What am I doing here? It’s supposed to be warmer. Today, the rest of the family are going to the pantomime in Woking.  They are going to watch Snow White starring Gareth Gates & Claire Sweeney. By the time they get back, we have to have a meal prepared. We are going to present a hot and cold buffet on a French slant. We bought a lot of the constituents in France last week. We don’t think the boys, at least, will ever have eaten quail or duck paté so it should be interesting.

25th December, 2010 

Got up late and straight into present opening. The three boys had three hamsters amongst other things. Hamsters are nocturnal creatures but had to perform on Christmas morning. Each hamster had its own plastic sphere and was placed on the snooker table in the conservatory.


After present opening, we had wonderful bacon and sausage sandwiches with fresh coffee. Feeling full, we looked forward to Christmas lunch in a french restaurant in Weybridge.

On the way lunch, we called in at the house of friends of Mandy & Kieron – Peter & Elspeth – a paediatric surgeon and his wife. They gave us smoked salmon blinis and pink champagne. The restaurant was fairly unprepossessing in appearance but the meal was really nice. Good food in an informal atmosphere is what Christmas should be about and that’s what we got.

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