Week 101

21st November, 2010

Sunday papers and then packing the car to go down to Surrey. In order to do that, we had to go back to the home of our old neighbours Jean & Perry (aka Dusty Springfield & Rod Stewart). We didn’t want to put our large and expensive television in store. Jean and Perry put it into one of their unused bedrooms. With a bit of manoeuvring and a lot of laughing, we managed to get the huge television and its stand into our 4-wheel drive. We are missing those lovely neighbours already and really hope we find people just as nice.

22nd November, 2010

Anti-coag. check at the hospital at 8.45 this morning. The results were fine. Set off for Surrey at 9.45 am.. The M62, as usual, was horribly busy but the M1 was great all the way down. The weather was cold but mainly dry. We arrived in West Byfleet at about 1.30 pm.. Phyllis and Colin have already done some research for us and got some properties lined up for us to see.

23rd November, 2010

Internet research for properties this morning and then touring locally – Byfleet, Weybridge, Hersham, Woking, Walton on Thames, Cobham, etc – this afternoon. This evening, we will go and see the little boys because Daniel wants to beat me up. Saw a really nice new apartment in Woking today, ironically built in the grounds of an old monastery, convent and retreat. We will bear it in mind. It is called The Pinnacles.


We went on to visit our first Waitrose supermarket and I immediately walked in to a very tall, thin man dressed in scruffy jeans. I looked up and there was Peter Crouch staring down at me. I’ve never met anyone like that in Sainsburys.


24th November, 2010

Glorious morning, wonderful drive down the M25 / A22 to Hailsham in East Sussex. I was amazed to find how close every where was to every where else. Hailsham was just an hour away from West Byfleet and very near by were Eastbourne, Brighton, Worthing, etc.. The trees were glorious in the sunshine. Hailsham environs was delightful. A four bedroomed, three storey, brand new house was very reasonably priced.


We may go back on Friday to have a second look. Tomorrow we have to take Colin to Croydon. I seem to be retracing Mum’s childhood.

25th November, 2010

Mum used to live in Purley, Croydon. I actually remember going there in 1954 to stay with Nana & Grandad. I remember because I was playing a game in bed and got stuck the wrong way round under the blankets. I panicked because it was dark and had to be rescued by Grandad. I remember flowering cherry trees on her street. Fifty six years later I have returned. What a terribly depressing place it is.


We were taking Colin to the Hospital to see a skin specialist. The hospital is terribly antiquated and, like the rest of Croydon, has seen better days. It was a very cold day all day today – rarely rising above 1°C.

26th November, 2010

Another beautiful, bright but cold day today. We went off to Hampshire to look at some houses They were rubbish. I shall never feel the need to visit Basingstoke again. It isn’t a place but more like a housing estate. We went on to Andover but that wasn’t much better. They are illustrated in that order below:

baisingstoke.jpg  andover.jpg

27th November, 2010

The temperature was -2° when we left the house this morning on our next search. We were off to Canterbury, Sittingbourne and Ashford. It is a long time since I have been to Canterbury. In fact, I think I was mentioned by Chaucer. The town was interesting and pleasant if a little run down in places. We were offered a brand new three storey, four-bedroomed house with a garage for the price we wanted to pay and, when we pressed them, the price was reduced by £20,000.00 immediately. We were sure there was more to get off the price if we go for it. We left the site office distinctly upbeat and moved on to Ashford. Even the old Ashford is pleasant and there is a new and exciting Ashford rising. Unfortunately, the new houses were in a Victoriana Toy Town. When we arrived, there was even a staged dusting of snow.

ashford_1.jpg  ashford_2.jpg

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