Week 78

13th June, 2010

Had two emails from Lizzie Dripping today:

R u ok ,no e mail this weekend ?
I am off to Istanbul in the am for a week
Hope all is ok with you and Pauline and house sales
Miss your Sunday message and hope all is well
Coalition Crew will be wreaking havoc on public services when I get back already lost 1.5m from admin via david and nick

The other thing is what do you think about academies and the coalition approach to schools
I have to be a trustee on co op academy for the council ,just starting this sept.
Best wishes Liz

She always writes in this sophisticated style.

14th June, 2010

Spoke to Ruth and we agreed to meet on Tuesday. I am running out of days so this will be our last meeting of the Summer. Ruth’s just come back from a holiday in YORKSHIRE and given me some photos:

1.jpg  2.jpg  3.jpg

4.jpg  5.jpg  7.jpg

Spent the day packing up and cataloguing our pictures.

15th June, 2010

Meeting Ruth this morning in Sainsburys in Huddersfield. She is going on to have lunch with a friend. It is a glorious morning. Ruth looked beautiful. We had our picture taken together but Ruth is so slim and made me look so fat that I couldn’t include it.

Badly presented I know, this is a catalogue of most of the paintings on our walls that are now being taken down and wrapped. The house was beginning to resemble an art gallery and we will have to rethink it if we buy an apartment.


William Callow Venice – The Grand Canal 1854
2.         Dante Gabriel Rossetti Prosperine (Persephone) 1874
3.         Dante Gabriel Rossetti La Ghirlandata 1871
4.         Dante Gabriel Rossetti Study – Jane Morris 1872
5.         Lawrence Alma-Tadema Whispering Noon 1896
6.         Dante Gabriel Rossetti Study – Mary Morris 1906
7.           Ancient Map of Sifnos  
8.         1.       Frederic Lord Leighton The Bath of Psyche 1890
9.         Lawrence Alma-Tadema A Coign of Vantage 1895
10.      Lawrence Alma-Tadema Silver favourites 1910
11.      Lawrence Alma-Tadema    
12.      Unknown    
13.      JW Waterhouse Miranda – The Tempest 1916
14.      Sir William Reynolds-Stephens Interlude 1862
15.      Charles Edward Perugini Girl Reading 1878
16.      Lawrence Alma-Tadema Detail from ‘The Girl in Lemon Tulle’ 1899
17.      James Whistler Symphony in White no 2 1864
18.      Above in situ    
19.      Dante Gabriel Rossetti The Bower Meadow 1872
21.      JW Waterhouse My Sweet Rose – from poem by Thomas Campion 1908
22.      William Holman Hunt Isabella and the Pot of Basil 1867
23.      Dante Gabriel Rossetti ‘Roman Widow’ (‘Ds Manibus’) 1874
24.      James Durden Summer in Cumberland 1925
25.      Arthur Hughes April Love 1856
27.      JW Waterhouse Hylas and the Nymphs – Greek myth, Jason and the Argonauts, as told by William Morris in The Life and Death of Jason 1896
28.      Dante Gabriel Rossetti Beata Beatrix 1888
29.      JW Waterhouse The Lady of Shallot – from 1833 poem by Tennyson  
30.      Canaletto The Palace Ducal, Venice 1735
31.      Lawrence Alma-Tadema A Favourite Custom 1909
32.      JW Waterhouse St Eulelia 1885


  11.jpg 21.jpg  31.jpg  41.jpg  51.jpg  61.jpg  71.jpg  8.jpg  9.jpg  10.jpg  111.jpg 12.jpg  13.jpg  14.jpg  15.jpg  16.jpg  17.jpg  17a.jpg  19.jpg  20.jpg  211.jpg  22.jpg  23.jpg  24.jpg  25.jpg  27.jpg  28.jpg  29.jpg  30.jpg  311.jpg  32.jpg

16th June, 2010

It is pleasing to read articles in The Times today and The Sunday Times last week saying that Greek island house prices have hardly been touched by the recession. To add to this, the Greek government have just announced a new law making it harder to build on islands like ours and, thus, adding to the upward price pressure. Read the whole article here:  


We have been negotiating with a building developer in Surrey over a 3-bedroomed, gated apartment. It is a little larger than we wanted and, although we have got them down by £45,000.00, it is still £10,000.00 over what we want to pay. I don’t think we will get them there. At least, not until we are out of the country. I think the double dip recession is a near certainty now the Lib Dems are sleeping with the Conservatives. House prices will come down some more and interest rates will rise. There’s no rush.  


17th June, 2010

The estate agents for Rosemount Point is a company called Gascoigne Pees. We had deliberately tried an aggressive offer by going in at 20% under the asking price for a brand new build. Gascoigne Pees just as aggressively tried to con us in to thinking this would never be accepted. At one point, we even heard an office colleague whispering to the negotiator to see if they could get us up a bit. We said point blank that we wouldn’t budge and left it in their court. Eventually, they phoned back to say that, if we could just go up by two or three thousand, they thought the builders, Banner Homes,  would crack and accept.

18th June, 2010

 The phone went and Gascoigne Pees said they had done really well and got the builders, Banner Homes, to agree to our ridiculously low price. However, they said we were in danger of losing this ‘absolute bargain’ because another couple were going to view it this afternoon. In order to block them and secure it, they said we would need to put down a holding deposit immediately. They were shocked to hear we weren’t prepared to. For one thing, I didn’t believe their phantom new viewer nor do I put deposits down until I’ve made up my mind. We left them to sell it to their phantoms.
I watched but, literally, could not believe the England performance. Rooney, in particular, was abjectly awful. Why has there been all this adulation of Capello? How is it possible to take eleven talented players and blend them in to a pub team? That really does take talent!


19th June, 2010

Against my better judgement, Pauline advertised a string of items that we didn’t want in the Huddersfield Evening Examiner. These items included two double beds that had never been used. The adverts were put in a week ago but only appeared today and I had forgotten. I soon regretted it. The phone never stopped ringing – Has the ladders gone yet? What model is your Karcher Pressure Washer? – What model? What model? It’s a pressure washer that you use on the car and I only want £20.00 for it. I’ll give you £20.00 to take it away. I don’t know what model it is! The worst was the beds. We had not thought that the University landlords would kill for new beds. Everybody wanted them. Eventually, we sold one to a lady who was setting her trainee hairdresser daughter up in her first house on virtually no money. Because she was so nice and we felt sorry for her, we gave her the second bed free plus two bedside cabinets. We felt so much better after that.

And then, can you believe it, Gascoigne Pees phoned to tell us that their phantom buyers were not in a position to purchase (although they were desperate to do so) and asked if we would still be interested because the builders could meet us tomorrow morning. We are not opposed to doing things properly so we will drive down early tomorrow morning to meet the builders’ representative at 9.30 tomorrow morning but, if I see that duplicitous git from Gascoigne Pees, I’ll punch him in the mouth (just as a deposit).

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