Week 54

27th December, 2009

Pauline’s Mum went back to her flat today. At lunchtime we drove her over the snow-covered wastes of the Pennine Moors to the wastes that we call Oldham. She was happy and Pauline had made her a Turkey & Stuffing sandwich to take with her for her lunch. She was going to practise on a tin of beans with her new can opener.

Sunday papers, Test Match followed by football. Heaven! The cricket went well and I would say that England were slightly ahead.


Watched Arsenal beat Aston Villa and Hull lose toMan. United who played played poorly but ground out a result.

cesc-fabregas.jpg rooney.jpg

A day of eating leftovers before the big diet. I had to eat Gravadlax (home-cured), Roast Ham (home-cooked), a terrine of pork and partridge with beef fillet and bacon (home cooked), Christmas cake (home baked & decorated), minced pies (home baked with home made mince meat), Full Cream Ice Cream (home made). All that was after a bacon sandwich for lunch (toasted home made bread). Lunch was washed down with half a bottle of Claret and Dinner was completed with a bottle of Montepulciano D’Abruzzo. Bring on the diet, PLEASE!


28th December, 2009

Freezing outside. Got up at 7.00 am and went swimming. It was delicious. The pool was empty for an hour as were the jacuzzi and steam room. As I drove to the Health Club, the sky was gloriously rich. There was virtually no breeze and the sunh shone.

sky_1.jpg  sky_2.jpg

En route, I stopped to take a photo and was suddenly mobbed by all these animals wanting my autograph. I tried to shun them but one , Shauna, particularly sheepishly demanded the right to be herd.

sky_3.jpg  sky_4.jpg

29th December, 2009

Pauline’s Mum had to be taken to Hospital for her cataract operation. Why do these obligations always clash with the Test Match? England scored  575 – 9 Declared and then proceeded to skittle out the first six South African wickets and I spent five hours sitting in a Hospital car park while Pauline’s Mum was waiting to be told that her eyes were too dry for a cataract operation she had been waiting for for months. I had to make do with Test Match Special on Radio 4 Longwave.


30th December, 2009

Thirty one years ago this morning, we woke up to thick snow everywhere. It was the morning of our wedding. I really enjoyed the day. Our little house was crammed with family and friends. It was lovely.


church.jpg  registry3.jpg  cutting-cake.jpg

The intervening years have been fantastic. Thirty one years later, we have woken up to thick snow and a blizzard. We stayed tucked up to celebrate our anniversary. We planned our Spring Departure to our Greek Home, had champagne and canapés for Lunch followed by Pheasant in red wine jus with roasted root vegetables for Dinner. Just had time to watch Man United thrash Wigan before going to bed.

31st December, 2009

Happy New Year to All Our Readers.


1st January, 2010

Fought our way over the Pennines today to visit Pauline’s Mum. The road was bleak, treacherous but spectacular. Without a 4-wheel Drive we wouldn’t have attempted it.

road_snow_1.jpg  road_snow_2.jpg  road_snow_3.jpg

2nd January, 2010

Just managed to get the papers today before the snow set in for another day. This Global Warming is driving me mad. The Times says this has been the coldest December for thirty years. Some wacky scientists have been observed that a totally unexpected lack of solar activity over the past Decade which parallels a similar solar phase in the Eighteenth Century as a lack of sun spots accompanied earth cooling is merely masking Global Warming. They also think it is possible for 5 billion angels to dance on the head of a pin.

Had texts and phone calls from Caroline and Ruth throughout the day. Caroline has been in England (well nearly – Newcastle actually) for the New Year period. She managed to persuade Newcastle & Derby to Draw 0-0 and then went down to leave flowers on Mum’s grave. She drove past Mum’s old bungalow but says she could see little signs of change. She agreed to meet Ruth in Derby. Cal was staying at The Stuart Hotel in Derby.


Ruth had to drive with Kev, I think, through snow down to Derby. She had a difficult journey and got lost in Derby. Who wouldn’t?

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