Week 46

 1st November, 2009


We have used 4 cubic metres of water in one week! Yorkshire Water say that one cubic meter is equivalent to eleven baths. We each have a shower in the morning and we have always shared a bath every night. We have a huge corner bath and it has been a ritual of our marriage for over 30 years that we have a bath together and talk over the day before going to bed. Be that as it may, we can’t believe we’ve used the equivalent of 44 baths in a week. One of us is washing too much. And it is not me!

2nd November ,  2009

I’m beginning to worry that I rattle. Because I am so fat, I am a type 2 diabetic. My blood pressure was high and so was my blood sugar. When I can be bothered, I measure these things. Usually that is before I see my doctor who is a bit scarey. Dr Judith is a gorgeous blond. When I see her for Diabetic Clinic, my blood pressure goes sky high. She calls it ‘white coat’ syndrome. I know different. Most of the time, however, my blood sugar , blood pressure and heart rate are all fine. I monitored them every day for three months in Greece. The average of my blood pressure readings over 90 days taken at 8.00 pm was 114/68. My resting pulse was 63. Even Jane BG would be hard pushed to beat that. My blood sugar reading averaged 6.4 which is not bad. Of course, none of this is down to me. It is entirely resting on the gorgeous Judith and the pills she prescribes:

  • Amlodipine
  • Atorvastatin
  • Doxazosin
  • Lossartan
  • Metformin
  • Pioglitazone
  • Warfarin

I am the original junkie. Pauline calculated the other day that these drugs alone would cost me £70.00 per month if my prescriptions weren’t all free. I also get eye tests free. It’s a wonderful world even though I rattle.

3rd November, 2009

We can’t shake school off however much we try. Today, we had three phone calls from our old school plus a letter. In each case it was someone wanting information that nobody else in the school could provide. I had one chap who is doing a teaching qualification on-site asking me to Mentor him because I did it last year as well. I then had a lad who I appointed over a year ago wanting to catch up on things. Then a request for a reference arrived for a girl I managed two years ago. Then Pauline had a visit from the police to discuss a child molestation case she had dealt with twelve months ago.  It may seem strange but we don’t want this. We want to make a clean break and move forward. That is why three months in Greece was so useful. We are looking forward to going back.

4th November, 2009

Pauline & I lived in Meltham & Helme for a long time 1978 – 2000. Our dentist is still there. Today we had to go for a check-up and driving through reminded me how beautiful it is and how wonderful Yorkshire is. I may miss it a bit when we leave.

This is the centre of the village and the road leading up to Marsden Moor.

meltham-centre.gif  meltham_3.jpg  melthamcentrefromhuddersfieldrd_.gif

5th November, 2009

Our house is south facing which makes it incredibly hot but it looks over the Valley and to the Pennines. We can see a long way and we are looking down from quite a height. On Bonfire Night, we have the benefit of dozens of spectacular firework displays without leaving our lounge. Unfortunately, I find it very hard to photograph as you will see.


6th November, 2009

In my spare time this week I have been finalising investment opportunities (I have begun to sound like Mum.) and researching Granddad Coghlan and his father, Daniel – our Great Grandfather.

Our Great Grandmother Coghlan was Mary and she was born in 1856 in Brighton but I don’t know her Maiden name yet. By 1881, she was described as a wardrobe dealer. I don’t know if she dealt in clothes or wardrobes. Great Granddad Daniel Coghlan was born in 1851 but he gave a number of different places of birth. In 1881, he said he was born in Craford, Kent. In 1891, he said he was born in Farningham, Sussex. In 1901, he said he was born in Mary Cray, Kent. In 1881, at the age of 30, he describes himself as a Greengrocer. By 1891 & 1901, he describes himself as a Gardener.

In 1881, Daniel was 30 and Mary was 25. They were living at 35 Jubilee Street, Brighton with two children: Mary aged 2 and Catherine aged 5 months. Ten years later, they had moved down the street to 24 Jubilee Street and had three more sons and another daughter: Daniel aged 9, Julia aged 7, John aged 4 and ‘William M’ aged 1. In 1901, at the ages of 50 and 45 respectively, Daniel and Mary were still living in Jubilee Street and had three more children: ‘James J’ (our Granddad) aged 7, Ellen aged 5 and ‘Maurice P’ aged 3. In all, I have found nine children.

7th November, 2009

We are going back to the Health Club. We are missing our swimming. We have been members of the Spirit Health Club for years. Now we actually have time to use it. We belong to the Leeds/Brighouse one (or we did) with these facilities:

  • Fitness
  • Pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Steam
  • Sauna
  • Reflexology

The wonderful thing is that now we are old and wrinkly, it only costs £70.00 per month for two of us. It is based inside the Holiday Inn Hotel.

spirit.jpg  pool.jpg

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