Week 25

7th & 8th June, 2009

Set off for Surrey en route to the Tunnel. Stayed with Pauline’s niece, Mandy, and her husband, Kieron, adopted boys, David, James and Daniel. Also, of course, we met up with Pauline’s sister, Phyllis and her husband, Colin.

Phyllis is almost 72 and Pauline is almost 58 years old.

pp1.jpg  pp2.jpg

Phyllis has recently bought a Laptop and, in spite of her failing eyesight, is doing well in getting to grips with using it and, particularly, the internet.

pp3.jpg  pp4.jpg

Went out for an enjoyable family meal at Fox Hills Country Club – a resplendent establishment featuring a number of golf courses, indoor and out door pools, spas, tennis courts, restaurants, etc.. The original Ottersey Estate dates back to before the Norman Conquest. The latest and existing house was commissioned by MP Sir Ivatt Briscoe (on expenses as a second home) and designed by architect, George Bessier, cousin of Benjamin Disraeli. In 1923, the whole estate was bought by the Borthwicks who sold it on to Aer Lingus in the 1970s.

manor_house.jpg  golf.jpg

9th June, 2009

Left early in the morning for the tunnel. Usually we would be going in school half terms. This time, it was lovely and quiet.

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We drove down to Auchan and bought £1200.00’s worth of wine for £600.00, some olive oil and mustard, some fresh meat and vegetables to put in the fridge in the back of our car and then found a nice restaurant for lunch. Back to the train with a rather heavier car and 30 minutes later we are hoofing it back up the country to Yorkshire.

10th June, 2009

Quiet day today after our exertions of the past few days. Don’t want to overdo it. Had to unpack the car and put all the wine into racks around the garage walls. Actually, some of it stayed in cases because it will be coming to Greece with us in five weeks time. If you’ve ever tasted Greek wine you would know why. England win 6-0 against Andorra. You wonder if it was worth it.


11th June, 2009

Ronaldo is no more. It is a loss to the Premiership. £80,000,000.00 should make up for it.


12th June, 2009

Heaven has come to Huddersfield! Sainsburys has opened a new store. It is less than ten minutes away by Formula 1 car and is a delight.


Pauline & I are brand-loyal. In the past 30 years we have had a new Honda car every year, been to Greece once if not twice each year and spent more than £100,000.00 in Sainsburys. How do I know? Pauline has recorded every single penny of expenditure from day one of our marriage. In the first three years she meticulously kept accounts books, cross-referencing them with paper bank statements. Shortly afterwards, she started to use a financial software package and cross referenced it with Nat West on-line which I tested for the bank.  We can tell you how much we have paid out to any retailer over the past thirty years at the press of a button. It doesn’t get much sadder than that.

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