Week 21

We have three different Estate Agents coming to the house this week. Everything that could reasonably be done has been done. There is talk of a pick up in the housing market in our area. We have been to look at two different development sites and both had virtually sold out. Whether that is down to price adjustment or rising market is impossible to tell. We remain optimistic.

Cooked a wonderful meal tonight of belly pork served with Jersey potatoes, asparagus and carrots. What a wonderful place this world can be. Hope the girls enjoyed their trip to The Boot Inn.


11th May, 2009

Estate agents coming tomorrow. I’ve booked three in. Put the finishing touches to the House and garden today. Mowed the lawns. It nearly killed me. Must get a little man in next time.

Phoned Mike. He didn’t reply at first. When he did, half an hour later, he said I was interupting his game of Bridge.


12th May, 2009

Valuation Day! The day is dry, warm and sunny. The house is neat and gleaming like a new pin. The first valuer arrived from Brearley Green. It was the Managing Director – Peter Green – in his big Mercedes who drew up outside the house. Having had the most cursory look round at break neck speed, he announced that he hadn’t got a clue how to value it because nothing in our vicinity had gone on the market for at least five years. He said he was taking a stab in the dark and quoted a figure that was so below our expectation that it depressed us immediately. The next valuer cam from Reeds Raines. He measured everything minutely and after careful consideration of other properties in the area, suggested a figure which was £75, 000.00 more than the first valuation. His charge for selling would be 1%. The final valuer came from Halifax Estate Agency. They had proved the pushiest and most determined to win our business. The valuer was equally thorough and suggested a price some £85,000.00 more than the intial valuation. She told us her selling fee would be 1.8%.

14th May, 2009

Decided to go with Reeds Raines but only after a lot of uncertainty. They are a national company who pitched the value at more or less what we anticipated. We felt the Halifax might have inflated the value to get the business. The cost of selling through the Halifax would be double that of Reeds Raines which was a partial incentive. We have to have a HIP before we can even advertise our house but the Estate Agents will do that tomorrow. It will take ten days before it is published. We think we will struggle to sell the house before we go to Greece in mid-July so the agents will have to continue in our stead. They say they are comfortable with that and will keep in touch over the web. What a wonderful world.


16th May, 2009

Great day today. United won the Premier League and Leicester Tigers won the RU Premiership title.

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