Week 9

Early off because we have a very busy Half Term week ahead. Toast for breakfast and then off to buy newspapers and give Phyllis one more help on the internet before setting off back up the motorway to Huddersfield. The journey took us just over 3 hours on Sunday. Trip to Sainsburys and then home to relax and read.

February 16th, 2009

Got up at 6.00 am as if it was a normal work morning. It isn’t. It is Half Term and at 8.00 am a team of men will appear and begin to knock out all our windows. They are all being replaced over the next couple of days by Coral Windows. We had to take down all the curtains and blinds. We did it with minutes to spare. At the end of the week, all the carpets are being replaced.

Unfortunately, Pauline has had to dash over to Oldham and take her Mum to hospital. She has blacked out and fallen. They may keep her in over night.


February 17th, 2009

I was going through memorabilia of Mum’s when I cam upon this match report from November 1968


I had been selected as the youngest member of the First Team in 1966.


February 18th, 2009

Spent the entire day taking up the carpets. A skip was delivered and tomorrow all the old carpets will go into it as well as some garden rubbish. At the same time, Carpetright will deliver and fit the new ones. What fun!

February 19th, 2009

Really exciting day. We went out and ordered new curtains for our Lounge. The windows are in. The carpet is down. Obviously, we need new curtains. The fabric is a multi brown stripe affair called cappuccino. The curtains will cost £570.00 and will be ready in 4 weeks. Will I be ready? We have ordered them from our local branch of Dunelm.

February 20th, 2009

We had ordered a skip to put all the old carpet in to. It is a huge amount of old carpet. The skip cost £75.00. It’s still on our drive but it is almost empty. Why? Because of a bizarre happening. I’m parked outside the chemist shop waiting for Pauline. The local Thai Restaurant is being renovated and has a skip outside on the pavement. Suddenly an elderly man and a young boy drive up, park and get out. The walk over to the skip and start rooting through it. The first thing the old man picks out is a piece of old carpet. Ironically, it looks exactly like one of the pieces that I have put in to our skip.

The next thing I know was akin to an out of body experience. I see myself getting out of the car and going over to this skip rooter. I say to him, “If it’s carpet you want, I’ve got loads of it in my skip on my drive.” He looks interested and he turns out to be Irish. The little lad with him is Asian. I haven’t really got time to roll that story in my head. It’s his grandson – His son/daughter married an Asian. He’s kidnapped this lad off the street saying, “Come and help me steal old carpet from a skip near the chemist’s shop.

It turns out he wants the carpet to suppress the weeds on his allotment. He appears outside my house and takes most of the carpet in two or three trips. Now I’ve paid £75.00 for a skip that is empty. I’m going to my neighbours, “If you’ve got anything to put in a skip, feel free.”. Why do I get myself in these positions?

February 21st, 2009

Heard from Ruth yesterday and Liz today. Ruth told me she is going to Bob’s next weekend. I thought I would go with her but it turns out I’m busy. Liz has not been invited. However, it looks like she will be shopping in Geneva next Saturday.


Hope she sends me a card.

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